By Anonymous - 13/04/2013 00:13 - Australia - Brisbane

Today, I went to the funeral of my friend's brother. It was the first funeral I'd gone to, and I was really nervous. When the service finished, everyone went to pay their respects to the family. After I paid mine, they said, "Thank you for coming." I instictively replied, "My pleasure." FML
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That is a correct response it shows that you care enough to go

I believe the proper term may be "my condolences for your loss"


That is a correct response it shows that you care enough to go

Only if you successfully retrieved his watch without anyone noticing. Grave robbing... One of the worlds oldest professions.

Oh yeah.... I forgot sarcasm never actually translates in text.

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Wasn't that funny, either way.

Sarcasm translates, you just have to look for it. With that in mind, that most certainly was not sarcasm. It was a poorly planned joke. (My 2 cents)

If someone said that to me at a family members' funeral, I would not be upset. Funerals tend to make people nervous, and a lot of the time cause them to to say things without thinking, but think its wrong even though 9/10 times, it's usually the appropriate thing to say.

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I don't have two cents... But I have 2Chainz!

it doesn't even have to mean anything bad it just means glad to be there for support in my eyes, Id see no problem

Op,it's okay as long as you apologized. C'mon you were nervous so I hope they understood :)

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Op didn't need to apologize. "Thank you for supporting our family in our time of need." "It was my pleasure to do so." There was nothing wrong with the response at all and I'm sure they thought nothing of it.

Thank you for enlightening the FML community with your words of wisdom

Isn't that what you're supposed to say?

I believe the proper term may be "my condolences for your loss"

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#14, take me with you! I have said some things that make me cringe when I think about them and I'd definitely like to say something different.

#18: Taking you back 19 minutes can be a warmup for the time machine.

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It's a normal response unless you're a pornstar/hooker lol

That's the appropriate thing to say. Although you could always say, "sorry for your loss" too. And personally to your friend, offer to be there for them of course.

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Don't worry about it. You meant well, and I'm sure they understood.

I'm sure of you just explain you were nervous and that your sorry they will forgive you. your probably not the first person to say that.

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Plus, I'm sure a lot of people just automatically say "my pleasure" in response to "thank you."

Just talk to the family and tell them you were nervous, and that you are wholeheartedly giving your condolences for the death of their loved one.