By Anonymous - United States
Today, I went to the doctor's to get a checkup. When the nurse stuck the Otoscope into my ear to look, she was disgusted. When she pulled it out, she told me that I had an ear infection, and that she'd popped a pimple in there by mistake. FML
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  doink  |  0

It's funny how you assume that all nurses are obligated to like disgusting things. Most nurses can tolerate all sorts of nasty stuff, but there is usually always that one thing that makes us want to gag. We are people, too.

  Hayllee  |  4

I think peoples main problem was that she openly showed her disgust. It's one thing to walk out of the room and gag and talk about it, and it's another to make a patient feel embarrassed and nasty. It's a pimple, she could have held it in.

Yeah, ear pimples suck OP.


You can pop them with a bobby pin.

You didn't feel that you had a pimple in your ear? Those ones hurt.

If I was going to the doctor to have something specific checked out, I'd make sure that something was clean and presentable before I left the house.
That just seems like common sense to me.

  Grimmerie  |  31

and then you have pus in your ear. wheeee!

no thanks. i'm happy to dab a little benzoyl peroxide on and let them disappear, rather than pop them and allow all the blood and sebum to fester in my ear.

By  FMLforALL  |  0

I hope you get an ear wax removal kit, a bottle of rubbing alcohol and a box of q-tips for Christmas! There's no excuse for nasty ears! Blech! I'd be disgusted, too, nurse or otherwise!!! FYL-YDI!

By  Blue_Black_fml  |  21

Why is everyone assuming that OP doesn't practise personal hygiene?! Ear infections can happen to anyone and the nurse was probably disgusted from the infection and/or pimples, which actually makes her a lousy nurse..