By Anonymous - 13/03/2011 13:19 - United States

Today, I went to the doctor for an infection from where a cat bit me while I was sleeping. Where that cat came from and how it got into my bedroom I will never know. FML
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It was Schrödinger's cat.

It was Edward Cullen. I've always known he was a pussy.


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Get a rabies shot as well... you never know...

YDI for not securely locking your room

If you were asleep, how would you know that a cat bit you?

Maybe waking up screaming with a cat attached to her face was some sort of clue.

lol @ 77. hilarious

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looks like Halle Berry is no longer catwoman.

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It was Halle Berry:P

It was Edward Cullen. I've always known he was a pussy.

if I could like something I would like that ^^

@49 But you can like it 0.o

I'm curious as to how the doctor has the knowledge of it explicitly being a cat that bit you. EDIT: I think I mis-read the FML. If so, allow me to rephrase: I'm curious as to how you have the knowledge of it being a cat that bit you, despite not having a cat and not knowing how a cat could have been anywhere near you while you slept.

Probably because she woke up when the cat bit her, so saw it run off afterwards. It shouldn't be that curious to you that she knows it was a cat, unless you think people regularly sleep through animals biting their arms...

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Maybe op woke up when bit. Or when waking in the am saw a cat in their bedroom, having common sense, felt pain, saw a bite, a put 2 and 2 together and thought "this feline has bite me." This is only an assumption on my part. And an experienced doctor is able to identify what you have been bit by. Dog and cat bites don't look similar.


bite marks can lead you to the type of animal it was

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it would be distinctive against a shark bite or a bear bite

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Doctors are pretty good at knowing what kind of bite you have. Dog bites and cat bites look very different. Also, if I got a mysterious bite in the middle of the night, I'd more readily assume that a cat managed to get into my house than a dog.

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ninja cat

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I would try to find out how it got in. That's creepy. Was your window open?

Sorry op. He was hungry.

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Sorry op. He was hungry.

It was Ted Bundy's spy cat!

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It hides in your closet, contemplating its next attack.

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It was Schrödinger's cat.

Hahaha yes, great answer.

Love the reference!(:

Obviously alive!

thus makes me wonder if there's a cat hiding in my room as we speak

Don't look now...

there is one right in ur pants. don't look. it shoots water.

........... Pervert...