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Today, I went to the doctor for a check up, having had a head injury a week ago and suffering some memory loss. Turns out, the medicine he gave me for my head has memory loss as a side effect. He then said "I told you. Don't you remember?" After I said no he said "I figured." and giggled. FML
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I would have punched him in the face and say " srry I forgot who u were and u scared me"

As long as you can remember your name, age etc I think you'll be fine.


As long as you can remember your name, age etc I think you'll be fine.

No that's funny. Op just can't appreciate it because of the situation they're in. If I was in the same room I would be giggling as well.

rexgar2000 10

Hmmm I wonder if your doctor was Docbastard, now that would be hilarious. I wonder how long till he appears maybe if if u say it three times.

Docbastard Docbastard Docbastard ......................................................................... Is a douche nozzle. Tehehehe Please don't hurt me ):

Hmm why are my ears burning? I thought I heard... Keyman, you are a dead man. Stay where you people are on their way.

Damn it I said DON'T hurt me! Not lather me up in crunchy peanut butter and dump a 55 gallon drum of peanut butter-crazed hermit crabs on me!!!! Arggggghhh you son of a bitchhhhh......

Is she has finals like I have, she would be royally fucked.

Doc - Did that new paitient cram a ... Ring? Up his/her arse?

marpay 11

Unfortunately he hasn't updated in a day! Probably to busy pulling whatever that was out of someones ass. Ps doc how can I cyber stalk you if you don't update?

I would have punched him in the face and say " srry I forgot who u were and u scared me"

princessmollysue 9


Srry? Did you forget how to spell because of the medicine?

It's on letter, relax.

Yes. I'm quite sure you would have punched your doctor in the face. You're quite the thug.

I believe it's a pelvis. Can't tell what's under it, though.

princessmollysue 9

I get thumbs down just for putting LOL :( Gosh ....... I swear people these days .

KiddNYC1O 20

I hear that. ^

drewfus2 6

That us because it us a redundant comment. Just thumb the post if all you have to say is "lol".

I'd say DocBastard is my favorite fml commenter.

36- it's an X-ray of a bottle up one of Doc's patient's ass. I think so, if that is what I read from one of Doc's previous comments.

Wow I would have kicked him in the shin and be like well don't forget this!

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sue him more malpractice

jwade11 12

Ya doctors play around too much when they should be serious. That would have annoyed the shit out of me!

builditbetter09 3

Kick to the shin? That's all you could conger up in that noggin of yours?

You'll be just fine. Be thankful your head injury wasn't more serious.

Doctors shouldn't play jokes, it could have some serious endings.

drewfus2 6

You sort of have to after watching a bunch of patients dying all the time. A bit of a bummer.

I meant they can joke when off the job I mean what if a doctor told a patient that he had cancer and the patient ran before the doctor could tell him that it was a joke. The patient would probably be in a self-destructive mode. This is a huge comment.

shrdlu 28

Nurse to patient: Mr. Jones, I'm afraid you have cancer. Doctor, stamping his foot: Darn it, I wanted to tell him! I didn't write that one, Nunnally Johnson did.

Smack him with a shovel. Make sure he doesn't forget what you probably will.

I'd prefer my doctor jokes around with me, than be serious constantly. Doctors are human beings too. And I'm fairly certain that any medication that has the side effect of amnesia is only temporary.

....... A giggling douche-muffin of a practitioner? Hope you remembered to keep your pimp hand strong. This calls for a powder slap!!!!

Douche muffin? Really?

Yes. Baked the douche in the mixture. It comes out with a nice, sweet taste. I recommend that you bake at 450 Fahrenheit for best results.

*Bake, not bake. I'm terribly sorry.

rbr0wn 3

So he gave you a medication for your concussion and the side effect was amnesia? Isn't that a little ironic?

No shit, Sherlock.

So seeing as I'm on the Internet, I decided to google all the medications that list amnesia as a side effect. Here's the list: Statins which is for cholesterol control, Viagra(we all know what that's for), and some drug for Parkinson's disease. None of these are for head trauma. I think the doctor was completely joking about the amnesia side effect.

Oxycodone and acetaminophen can cause amnesia.

Didn't know Tylenol caused amnesia. And as for memory loss on oxy, that's probably happening when you are under the influence of it.

"Tylenol PM is not considered to be habit-forming, but it should only be taken in the manner described on the label and only for as long as suggested. The ingredients in this sleep aid make most individuals sleepy, but in some cases the opposite may occur. Rarely, you may experience nervousness or restlessness that will pass within four to six hours of taking the product. Dizziness, trouble concentrating, memory loss or blurred vision are less common side effects that are not considered serious if they cease after the medication leaves your body." (500MG of acetaminophen)

Amnesia and memory loss are two different things.

gabrielbaby 9

No they really aren't. Unless docbastard tells me so. Amnesia is memory loss. What's the difference? Many, many medicines have memory loss as a side effect.

RedPillSucks 31

Viagra causes amnesia? What are the odds of taking some viagra then forgetting why the hell you're in some strange hotel room with a rock hard woody and a half naked babe. (What do I do next????)

1. Take another Viagra 2. Do hot babe 3. ?????? 4. Profit

Iam_yummylicious - um, no. The sleep aid is the ingredient in Tylenol PM that causes those side effects, specifically diphenhydramine, aka Benadryl. Tylenol does not cause amnesia or memory loss.

saIty 17

I just imagined a grown ass man jumping up and down clapping his hands while he let out a girly giggle.

rexgar2000 10

too far man.

Blacksabbath211 9

I just lol'd xD

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peter griffin you unoriginal fuck

upsidedownfrownn 5

Haha same