By Anonymous - United States
Today, I went to the doctor and found out that I am infertile. When I called my boyfriend of 2 years (whom I was hoping to have a future with) to talk to him about it, all he said was "So does this mean I don't have to wear a condom anymore?" FML
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By  mylifeisFML56  |  0

I am so sorry for the bad news, about the fertility and that your boyfriend of to years is an insensitive jerk...

AND still have people wear condoms, the last thing you want is an STD, such as HIV

  Bizzytrick  |  0

Well, if neither of them has an STD and they're 100% loyal to each other, there is no chance of them getting an STD anyway.

Only way one of them would get an STD is if one of them has sex with someone who had an STD then went and had sex with eachother

By  nuga  |  0

I can see how being infertile in itself is an FML but this scenario the OP described doesn't sound like one; she wants "a future" with this guy and it doesn't sound like he's gonna dump her for being infertile...

  writergirl23  |  19

I know exactly what you mean. And us girls (yes speaking from a womans point of view here) need to remember that as much as we are emotional thinkers, men are logical thinkers. Which means that, essentially, if op actually knew her boyfriend, she would have expected an answer like that and still know that he loves her with all his heart.

  Joisan  |  20

I think she was hoping that they could have a serious conversation about her infertility and where they want to go from here. It does seem like her boyfriend is ok with it, which is good, but it's a subject that deserves to be considered with more depth and respect than just "Oh yay, no condoms!" Depending on the exact cause of her infertility there are a few different options they can pursue if being parents is important enough to them, but it is often difficult and expensive, and they should make sure they're on the same page before they go through with an engagement or a wedding.

  RebeccaRFT  |  18

#226 that's not generalization, it's science. According to actual SCIENCE, men and women think differently. And it's scientifically correct to say that WOMEN are the emotional thinkers.