By Toothy. - Australia
Today, I went to the dentist to have two cavities filled. I hate the dentist. After he'd started drilling, I heard a "clunk" noise followed by an "Oops." My dentist had cut my tooth in half. Now I have to go to surgery to have the tooth extracted. FML
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  spazzdoodle  |  0

I'd like to see a dentist verify this is even possible before I blame him. It looks extremely suspicious on the OP's part that a dentist can crack a tooth in half while trying to extract a cavity...


yeah, YDI for having cavities for either eating too many sweets or just not brushing your teeth right. and the cavities make it hard anyway, since they're literally holes in your teeth...i mean, drill to close to it and it's bound to happen. not the dentist's fault.

  dai1227  |  0

teeth have nerves you would have felt it and been screaming in pain, my tooth was worn down near the nerve an whenever I ate it was painful

  SailorSolaris  |  43

Trust me, 103, if OP is under anesthetic, he/she won't feel a thing. And it is possible, if in the right spot. I was eating something and suddenly, CRACK! My tooth just split and I had to have a crown put on it.