By Anonymous - 21/04/2011 18:18 - United Kingdom

Today, I went to the dentist to have a tooth pulled. The day before, I was too anxious to eat anything, so I went in with an empty stomach. There were complications during the extraction and now I'm not allowed to eat for the next 24 hours. FML
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That's crazy for 24 hours. You should aks if you can drink some soup through a straw.

Well at least your boyfriend didn't wanna test your gag reflex after the dentist.


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exactly. I've had 4 pulled, and it doesn't even hurt too bad. OP was definitley over reacting.

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Uh, yeah. Me too. I was hella nervous the first time I had one pulled and after that experience I will be way more anxious if I have to ever have another pulled!

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I've had three pulled and it doesn't hurt. Plus it's (usually) really fast.

speak for yourself jerk. I had to have parts of my jaw cut out to get my wisdom tooth out and now I have pain for life.

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Seems like someones gonna be hungry.

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you should of sank that tooth into something one last time as a final farewell, ydi for not parting ways with your tooth properly....

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op should complain about this in Haiti

well hunger pains usually disappear after a day or 2 :3 it's quite refreshing

vicodin? you won't be hungry or feel/care about pain. lol. I would say mariJ but you can't smoke after that.

50 u vomit on vicidon on an emply stomach and weed gives u the munchies ur skrewed.

this is definitely fake. you can eat after like 4 or something. even when I had 4 pulled it was way less than a day

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do u not read it said there was complications so she has to got 24hours with nothing now

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Hm. And I like your town name, OP. Very fitting.

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I've gone days without eating before because I wasnt hungry. I have a tiny stomach. But now I get cramps & a stomach that screams at me when I go more than 12 hours without eating. (Not just because I'm pregnant. it's been going on a while.) Some people are different than others. Do who knows how OP is besides OP. Going without eating is crappy but you can survive quite a while without food, and 2 days wont kill you. At least you don't live in a third world country or are homeless.

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Don't worry, he's already had practice not eating

i salute you 74. in the sudan kids are lucky if they can eat once a day and sleep on the hard floor. google 'invisible children'. people need to know...

Just get yourself slim fast or a protein shake or something. It's not eating, it fills you up, get's you the needed nutrients.

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She CANNOT eat. Whuch means NOTHING. AT ALL. Not even yogurt.

#95 yeah, I did the 40 hour famine last month I think it was, that's the longest I've gone without food, it's hard, but I'm sure op can make it:) just had water the whole time... Technically, the human body can go three weeks without eating, but only a few days without water. :)

That's crazy for 24 hours. You should aks if you can drink some soup through a straw.

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you look like rebecca black. no offense

she doesn't sound like her

she doesn't sound like her

Thank goodness she doesn't sound like her D:

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I don't think I do but then again that's your opinion.

What is the point of telling someone that in the first place?

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she looks like a pretty version. you can't even see her face that much!!

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because its almost friday friday friday !!!!

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Ouchh that sounds really painful :S

That sounds rather repulsive. Also, I agree your brown curly hair totally resembles Rebecca Black...Smh.

If you use a straw during the first 24 hours after an extraction, you would run the risk of damaging the blood clot that just formed and you might start bleeding again. That is the reason you should be careful eating during the first 24 hours after an extraction. The best foods to eat after an extraction are soft foods such as Jello or mashed potatoes or warm clear soup or a milk shake.

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you can't use a straw after an extraction or it can cause a blood clot. sipping soup out of a cup with gauze over the extraction site should be fine.

Can't drink through a straw, would remove the clot. But she can most defiantly eat. There is no complication that would say you cannot eat. I've seen all kinds of extractions. They would say soft food. Mashed potatoes, soup, spaghetti.

Well at least your boyfriend didn't wanna test your gag reflex after the dentist.

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^^wasn't that another FML?

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You will get through it no big deal. should have gotten a colonoscopy too kill two birds with one stone

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Aren't you not supposed to eat for about 12 hours before an extraction? Or were you not knocked out like I was?

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oh well if your not suppose to eat 12 hours before hand...I mean after all, it is "the last supper" your tooth will see....

they put u to sleep for a tooth pull? never heard of that before

RainbowHeadache 2

Got two wisdom teeth cut out.

im not looking forward to that...

RainbowHeadache 2

Didn't hurt. Had to eat a shake after I left and my face was so numb I got it all over me. I had to watch myself eat in a mirror so I wouldn't get it everywhere haha

it seems like 51 never had any "wisdom" teeth to begin with

Just drink stuff, smoothies, soup, babyfood..

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meh pass on the babyfood

blood, sweat, bodily fluids.

pond scum, mud, frogspawn ...

And here I sit, enjoying some chocolate..

BITCH (just kidding)

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^^ ur a bitch (not kidding)

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Dr. bastard, I award you with this Nobel prize. for sheer awesomeness.

doc did you fuck up this tooth extraction?

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so what for sports I'm not allowed to eat for multiple days every week quit complaining spoiled fool

Find a better "sport". Not eating for days is unhealthy in any circumstance.

yeah WTF kind if sport is that?

Wrestling probably. A lot of wrestlers don't eat and do tons of extreme things to make weight