By someone / Wednesday 2 September 2009 11:00 / Denmark
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Seriously, why complain? I used to work as a volunteer dental assistant, and I was a patient as well. Your face doesn't swell from the numbing injections. It just feels that way to you because you're numb.

  JustSoLost  |  8

OMG! Totally agree with. Ouch, that would hurt.


  bovice  |  0

seriously i definitely agree.
not only is your face being numb no big deal, you were getting a cavity filled...youre face will return to normal in a few hours or less.

imagine getting the drugs for your wisdom teeth or a root canal and then going home.
you will be feeling those for half a day and thats actually a FML cause you cant eat or drink anything without it falling out of your mouth lol

By  TheMikeyK  |  0

lol. not an FML. It goes away in a few hours. Not like you are paralyzed for life, or got a broken arm because of something stupid.
Sheesh, what's with the mods approving these lame FMLs. They are getting old now.

  kukopia  |  0

At least it's not a repeat.

But still a lame FML.

It IS an FML because now he has to go back and get the shots again, ewww - I HATE shots!!!!

By  tWitt3rBuG  |  0

Today i was ready to fill the decayed teeth that my patient had. So i injected her to ease the pain. By an act purely beyond me, the power went out. I couldn't just leave her waiting so i sent her home. Poor thing. But then i read FML and saw what an unappreciative little bitch she really is. It's not like i planned the whole thing. Next time, the bitch is going down, no injection. Js drilling. Then she'd have something to bitch about!

  blalien  |  0

Bullshit. The dentist is expected to check the equipment before each procedure.

But this isn't really a big deal unless the dentist expected you to pay for it.


#36, agreed. Even though #7 was one of the better reverse FMLs. I used to see several reverses on every single FML, and they weren't funny or even well written. AT ALL.

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