By Hotdamnthisismyjam - 16/06/2009 00:32 - Canada

Today, I went to the bar with some friends. When we walked in, we picked a table at random in the same area as a bunch of older men. The oldest, fattest ugliest man at the table looks me over then stares at my chest. He then starts to motorboat the air in the direction of my boobs. FML
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gingermonster16 0

Don't FML! That's a compliment. It means you have good boobs. You should have flipped him off though. For those confused: Moaterboating is when you get all up into someones cleavage (in this case) and shake your head left and right while making your lips flap together by breathing air out. HAHAHAHAHAHA! I just laughed at myself writing that description. It sounds soooo fucking dumb when expained, but it is just fucking dumb anyways.

Jonesy_fml 0

Beggars can't be choosers! =P


So it's an FML that someone found you attractive? Shut up.

trojan124 0

The OP is obviously not used to male attention in general. Take what you can get, fatass.

Yeah, because if she's annoyed by it it obviously means she doesn't get if often. Couldn't possibly mean the complete opposite, or that she just wanted to go out with her friend without having some disgusting shit disturb her with sexual remarks. You're obviously a guy, or someone who this doesn't usually happen to.

joce445 0

the men are fat and old. that's not s compliment, it's creepy.

Rainhawk94 27

Yea it's only a compliment if the guy was hot! Like totally

#10 & 11: the man was fat and ugly. and a pervert, clearly... that's not a good thing.

I would have been a bitch and made sure to let him know how fat and disgusting I think he is.

Nobody wants old-fat-perv attention, but unfortunately you can't expect it not to happen. You just have to ignore it.

So maybe you should look for hot, younger men next time assuming you're younger as well. If you're older, go for it the guy sounds like a keeper.

gingermonster16 0

#13 Alright, I'm just saying, it's not really a FML. Someone thought she was hot, its not that terrible. Creepy guys will hit on you, you just have to take it as a compliment or ignore it.

Oh the horror! Are you okay? I hope he didn't scar you for life.

DieselGirl 0

#10 hahaha to your description