By Anonymous - 24/11/2010 07:10 - United States

Today, I went to the bank to get a temporary debit card since I lost my wallet a week ago. On my drive across the street from the bank to the DMV a car slammed into mine at the intersection, nearly totaling my car. The movie theater I went to last week just called and said they'd found my wallet. FML
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surferchick96 0

and your worried about ur wallet after u killed ur car? somebody has priority problems...


Kifli 0

blows huh

How did the movie theater have ur phone number..?

Maybe he had identification inside?

SunshineBoy21 0

Maybe the movie theater specialized in 'Stalker' films.

#11 they have an auto dialler with everybody's number right next to the popcorn machine. op surely you have insurance, I'm so paranoid I have individually insured each part of my body and every item on my possesion.

iSitt 0

I wonder if accidents are more frequent near the DMV

so you where in a car accident and you had no ID and no drivers license? that would send you to jail in my country

yusaku02 20

#48 I wish they would send people in my country to jail if they didn't know the difference between where and were

and their car smashed

'a car slammed into mine at the intersection' uh, a car crash.

ujonesy 0

I don't see how going to the DMV ties into the car accident.

ujonesy 0

I meant that I don't see how losing the bank card ties into driving to the DMV.

27 Thanks for serving our country! My brother just joined the army as a Ranger, and I'm joining as well. And I think OP had to go to the DMV to get a new ID.

ok who the f drives "across the street" lol this person deserved it

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if didnt lose his wallet he wouldn't be going to the bank or DMV so he wouldn't have that wreck. that's the only reason I can think of to put all that in the fml.

ujonesy 0

I didn't even think about him losing his drivers license which of course would be in his wallet. but he only mentions the debit card not the license so that's why I was confused. my bad. And 32 thank you for the support. it gets stressful and it's nice to see that people are supporting all of us.

smokeymcpottt 3

I find your lack of faith disturbing.

surferchick96 0

and your worried about ur wallet after u killed ur car? somebody has priority problems...

I will destroy your toilet......

Ahh ^ hahahahahahahahahahaa

I think the point is that he would not have been there in the first place if they had called sooner

SunshineBoy21 0

I don't think OP was worried about the wallet at that point. I think they were pointing out the irony of the situation, that while they were running errands to replace what was in their wallet and subsequently got into a bad car accident, the theater called to say they found OP's wallet. Get it? ;)

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FYLDeep 25

Probably would have been better off if the car was totaled and the guys insurance bought you a new one. That sucks though. Shitty drivers around the DMV I guess.

robc32ca 4

try walking more

What if he WAS walking? I'm guessing he'd be pretty sore at the moment.. you know, getting hit by the car and all..

damn if you would have left a little bit later you would have gotten the phone call and wouldn't of had to go anywhere

at lease u werent in it, abd thats y insurance is for quitr bitchin

...right...on her "drive" to the DMV she parked her car at an intersection, got out, and walked the rest of the way and that's when a car crashed into hers -_-

13- What the...? *sighs* Nevermind.

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I hate to do this...ok, no I don't. But I feel obligated to use my Idiot-English translation engine: "At least you weren't in it. That's what insurance is for. Quit your bitching." Now that that's our of the way, you're a moron. OP was driving the car and thus was inside it. Idiot.

Wrong place at the wrong time :( I know its hard to see a bright side to any of that, but at least your wallet was found and you won't have to pay for a replacement license and such.