By driver - 25/11/2009 22:24 - New Zealand

Today, I went to start my truck that I had parked in my driveway after a longhaul. The fuel gauge indicated I had a full tank. I didn't fill up. My neighbours' son decided to fill the tank with water with a hose. 150 litres worth on top of diesel. His dad's response: "Kids eh, what ya gonna do?" FML
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Hopefully you called a lawyer. That's a nice chunk of money, and "Kids eh" isn't going to make that cost go away.


Doesn't cars always have a lock on the fueltank in these days? If he left the tank unlocked I'd say he had it coming. Ofcourse he haven't done anything too deserve that numbskull do that, but for crying out loud, don't trust anyone and always lock/leave your possessions unguarded.

Yeah this is one of those situations that can solved by a quick lawsuit and a couple thousand bucks richer.

Yeah, hire a kid to fill his tank up with sugar. Reply with "Eh, kids aye?"

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Hopefully you called a lawyer. That's a nice chunk of money, and "Kids eh" isn't going to make that cost go away.

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That sucks hella bad! I would try to get him to pay for new fuel.

not only that - getting rid of the water in the tank in order to prevent damage to the engine will cost far more.

It not just fuel diesels wont run with water in the fuel cause water doesnt compress

time to pull out the shotgun and wait in the dark! and #1, get a life, douchemonkey

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seriously. I wouldn't responded with "I'm gonna beat the shit outta them."

yes, I'm jealous that I have enough to visit a free web site and be the 1st to comment on stories. btw I bet the ladies are really impress by that.

How the hell did the kid get access to your gas tank to fill it in the first place? Do you not take precautions to people siphoning gas (especially since you own a truck) from you? Keep your doors locked, and get a locking gas cap.

Many older vehicles do not have locking mechanisms on the gas cap.

First off, he said he parked it in the driveway. Second he said he didn't fill it so he hadn't had much gas. Douchepickle

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Given that diesel is "lighter" than water (between 82-95% as dense) and assuming the truck has been undisturbed for several hours, it would, in theory, be possible to drain the water from the tank without losing a significant amount of fuel. The water would settle to the bottom of the tank.

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#11 is right. Siphon the water off the bottom of the tank. If you tried to start the engine, disconnect the fuel line at the fuel filter inlet and purge the line with compressed air. Change the fuel filters and drain your water separator frequently upon restart. Charge the neighbor $50/hour for doing this labor. It's cheaper than a mechanic's hourly rate.

Water is faster. The kid would likely float easier on diesel. Of course if you are willing to hold the brat's head under diesel or water, the amount of time to drown is the same. Just Scientifically-ish speaking, of course....

Sure drowning him in water may be faster. But if you just threw some diesel on the kid you could save yourself time and effort by just setting him alight. ;) Un-scientifically speaking.

Actually, you float more easily in denser liquids. Think about the Great Salt Lake, or the Dead Sea. So, the kid would sink faster in diesel, since it is less dense than water.

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this is the kind of logic that i love to see!

That can majorly **** up your system, FYL!