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By  alyssabreanne90  |  16

That definitely sucks! Depending on your money situation, if I were you I would be hesitant to apply (again) if you would be working with the guy who "hired" you. How would you know he has the authority to ask you to do something? If you do get the job, be sure to get clarification on what that guy is/is not allowed to do so he doesn't get you in trouble for something. Good luck!

By  species4872  |  19

<p>&nbsp;You weren't hired by Kramer were you?</p>

By  QueenSaru  |  28

<p>I'm very curious how that happens. How did he conduct interviews with no one being aware? Was there no paperwork to sign or fill out with HR before you showed up for your first day?</p>
<p>I second some of the other commentors though, if there was no process for your hiring that prevents stuff like this from happening, I'd worry about working there, they might be lax when it comes to other things as well.</p>