By yourekillingme - 19/02/2016 04:12 - United States - Mission

Today, I went to see a doctor because I have been feeling of pressure in my chest. After running numerous tests, I was told I was perfectly healthy and had nothing to worry about. I made it as far as the front door before I collapsed and had to be rushed to the hospital. FML
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Good news: you're already near a doctor! Bad news: not a very good doctor..

Well, at least you were at a doctors office when it happened, and not driving on the road home.


Good news: you're already near a doctor! Bad news: not a very good doctor..

The doctor was probably an excellent doctor. Unfortunately, sometimes it takes multiple appointments, tests, and doctors working together to find the diagnosis. Doctors aren't miracle workers, nor are they perfect.

I understand that, I don't understand why they'd tell op they are "perfectly healthy" with nothing to worry about. Not a doctor, so I can't really say whether he's actually bad or not but it seems strange to tell a patient nothing is wrong if you just haven't found a diagnosis yet.

Better/Worse news… (depending on your perspective) it's not THE Doctor. (For anyone who gets the reference, do reply in kind)

Would probably chock it up to timey-wimey, wibbly-wobbily stuff. Fish fingers and custard seem to be an around treatment. Hope you get better soon, OP!

Everything is ON Family Guy, but almost nothing is FROM Family Guy. It's a parody show, #32; like The Simpsons.

When I was 13 I shattered a bone in my elbow. The first doctor I saw told me it was fine and sent me home. Because of that I now have a permanently fucked elbow. Doctors suck.

No. Doctor Who.

And that is why they call it "practicing medicine." In all seriousness, I hope you are ok and get better soon.

I hope you're okay OP!

Well, at least you were at a doctors office when it happened, and not driving on the road home.

Hopefully you'll be going to a better place, Shelbyville Hospital!

Hope you're doing ok now, and that they figured out what was going on! Sending virtual love and good wishes to you!

Yeah, I'd like to know what is going on too. a follow up for this one is a must.

You're lucky you collapsed while at the hospital OP, be thankful for the little things.

At least you can get a proper diagnosis now.

Lucky you weren't on your way home, and that medical help wasn't far away, hope you're better soon

Yes, you have to love it when they talk about all the responsibility that doctors face. A bus driver has significantly more. It's not like they can get the passengers to sign a slip saying that if they crash the bus and the passengers get killed then that's just a part of the risks of catching the bus. Hope you're ok and shop around for a doctor. They're much like mechanics ...

unfortunately I hit the thumbs up key. I fail to see your reasoning as to why bus drivers have more responsibilty. bus drivers are to get customers from point a to B. getting on the bus means you choose that risk of a crash which could happen whether you drove yourself, walked, biked, etc. Doctors are with you from beginning to end and all the steps in between. they have to decide if the little spot inside your lung is cancer or just a nodule or just an abnormality. they have to decide if your headaches are from an illness, trauma, or something else. they deal with many patients everyday with multiple aches and pains, opinions, self diagnosises, traumas, little scrapes, to just regular check ups. a bus driver doesn't have to listen to clients life stories nor listen to their breathing, pulses, symptoms, run lab work, order other tests and etc on just one patient along with 4 in the waiting room waiting for their own time to see the doctor.

What the hell are you talking about? A bus driver doesn't have jack shit responsibilities compared to a doctor.