By JayBausch - 17/08/2009 20:48 - United States

Today, I went to retrieve my sneakers that my wife made me leave outside the door of our hotel room. Somebody had shat in one of them. FML
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someBODY or someTHING?

Nice use of the word "shat". People get that wrong all the time.


first to comment on #1, what now.

Also I was the first one to complain about the person replying to #1 replying just to get to the top.

your wife probably did it dude.

I totally said that when I read it on the main page, then clicked in to comment. You, Rakayum, are my long-lost twin. We should meet up and make funnies at other people.

Did you put them on???

yo dawg, i heard you liked comments, so i put a comment in your comment so you can rofl while you lol'd

Is this X-to the-Z Xzibit?

lmao, this actually made me laugh :D

lol made me laugh to!!!

I bet that stinks

someBODY or someTHING?

Why would you leave ANY of your belongings outside the door in the hallway of a hotel? That's just asking for something bad to happen. You totally deserve that one man.

Fuck dude, i would have done that if i saw shoes sitting outside a room

You got owned.

My bad, sorry about that.

hahahahaahahahahahahha.. oh. hahahaahhahahahah

HAHAHA wow, does really suck for you though, my apologies that it happened.

You should make a movie called 1guy1sneaker.

please, PLEASE stop with your feeble attempts at wit. This is the second time i've been reading the comments, felt pissed off after reading a post, then looked to see the cum guzzling faggot that said it and saw your ugly ass face. fuckin asian disgrace.

Lmfaoo #8, bow your head in shame.

hah! maybe it was a dog. who knows. that's hilarious though.

um ...what kind of hotel were u in? damn! so close to first...