By Anonymous - 31/05/2009 22:09 - United States

Today, I went to put my laptop on a desk when I got a text message. I was startled by my ringtone and dropped my laptop on the ground. It now has dent marks on the bottom. The text message was from an annoying friend simply saying "I'm eating a hot dog." FML
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Dude kick his ass! Then take his hot dog :D

How startled do you have to be to drop something? I can just picture some idiot walking along, throwing everything he's holding into the air because he was scared of a ring tone. lol.


Wow, tell him to stop texting you first! sorry ive never been first at anything

Dude kick his ass! Then take his hot dog :D

As guys who sent that text go, "oh shit that was me?!?!"

omg that happens to me a lot. sorry about the laptop .. DX

That must have been a damn good hot dog.

Wow, well that sucks for you, and i don't like the hot dog guy, but i guess you kinda deserve it. HA HA HE HE HA HA HO!

Ughhhhh those type of things happen to me ALL the time. I would be soo pissed.

Stupid friend XD You should find him and steal his hot dog

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at least it still works does it?

YDI. Take better care of your stuff. It would be just as broken if the text had been something important. The hot dog thing just makes it funny.