By Anonymous - 24/09/2010 19:20 - United States

Today, I went to pour myself a cup of coffee and noticed our kittens were playing in the living room. Transfixed by the cuteness, I didn't notice I started pouring hot coffee on my hand and foot. FML
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FYLDeep 25


This is why I love and dispise my kittens. Kittens the epitome of evil, yet the are also the epitome of cute. Op go hug your kittens and give them a treat, since they are evil masterminds.


bravesfan112233 0

the staircase fell on the whale?? dangg


Next time pour coffee on them:)

YDI for having cats that are not spayed/neutered.

They mesmerized you into doing it...hyponosis...evil little things.

they might not own the parent cats 25....

Op now you have a hot story to tell about you and your pussies!

tweetbaby14 18

OP, YDI for falling for the trick. they knew they could distract you and make you hurt yourself. -100 for walking into the trap...

thought op's gonna say pour hot coffee on the kittens. you need some pussy love

KingDingALing 9

18- You're fucked up.

This is why I love and dispise my kittens. Kittens the epitome of evil, yet the are also the epitome of cute. Op go hug your kittens and give them a treat, since they are evil masterminds.

wow creep...

ydi for having kittens, they might be cute now but those things turn into cats!

zakkyzebra 11

hate cats. kittens and all. haha they are fun to fuck with tho XD

no the basment collapsed on the roof

I lol'd at 17's pic...

bosskidz20 2

awwww how cute.

^ i second that!!!!

OP I bet you meant something like "I didn't notice my cup was getting full until I poured hot coffee all over my hand and foot." Because I bet you noticed when you poured it all over your hand and foot. Fail.

brice_garrett 0

they're plotting to kill u :p

megamandude455 10

see #108, i tried to tell my mom that they're secretly trying to take over the world too. who knows what goes on in their heads??

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you_failed 15

woow you got some sloooow reflexes :P

u fail at life

ILovesMahBridge 0

Yew fehl ta splelinj.

and this is exactly why I don't multitask :)

megamandude455 10

actually, multitasking has nothing to do with this. op just forgot to stop pouring before focusing on the itteh bitteh distractingly cute kitteh committee

My comment didn't show up. D:

would have been funnier if she poured the hot coffe on the kittens

that's y cats are evillll!!!!

megamandude455 10

haven't you watched futurama? they almost destroyed earth to save their own planet. who knows what they're planning now!!!! maybe their cuteness is just a-a front for some kinda diabolical plot

megamandude455 10

the plot... might be to... to cover the planet with their cat hair! plus... with all that hair, they could somehow form it into some sort of monster cat!! they're probably going to use it to take over the world! that explains why they're also also destroying everything! they're probably attempting plans to destroy vacuum cleaners all over the world! that's why they shed everywhere. cause we have to sleep in it! [looks around suspiciously paranoid]

I agree oh yeah and FUCK YOU megaman and your fucking walls of text

I am concerned for the floor.

gibby1235 6

im concerned for the coffee

I'm concerned for the coffee mug.

I am concerned for the kitten.

I am concerned about your mom... oh wait.

I meant to say for instead of about, stupid non iPod editing.

JoHan55_fml 7

fail but kitteh's are cute too

se comment below. thank you

the comment above is a loser. your welcome :D

and your a queer Yankee.

FYLDeep 25


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chuck_yams 0

pun intended?

kittens are not cute! They little spawns of Satan that are waiting till they get older to scratch your eyeballs out. My advice is bring them to a secluded area and leave them to kills themselves off.

Well done, OP, well done. I know it's easy to get distracted, but surely just as you were starting to look at the kittens something in your brain should have gone - oh, hot liquids, be careful.

YDI for keeping poor little animals in captivity, for drinking coffee (think of how that poor plant has suffered just so you could have a tasty morning beverage!), for not paying attention to what you're doing, for having hands, and for having feet. SHAME on you, OP. You are the worst of all the OPs I have ever seen. How DARE you.

Toxxic_Blackout 0

this definately gave me lulz

your hot ;D

Well, thank you #94. It's nice to know that some women are attracted to giraffes. What is it, my 3-foot tongue? Are you imagining what I can do with that? Well, too bad. I'm not interested in interspecies erotica, sicko.