By countrygirl8846 - 02/12/2015 15:02 - United States - Atlanta

Today, I went to pick up some pictures I took on a family trip, but the person at the counter said someone else had already picked them up. Now not only am I out $20, some random creep has pictures of me and my whole family. FML
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Did you have fun on the family trip, at least?

it could have been an accident like they were meaning to pick up another set of pictures and wound up with yours?

MonstreBelle 28

I hope that's what happened, otherwise it's beyond creepy. If that's the case, hopefully whoever took them takes them back so OP can get her pictures back

Maybe they just picked up the wrong order. Still, tough luck OP

katachristic 19

then demand your money back? you didn't receive what you paid for. I guess you could even sue if it bothers you that much, but it won't stop that guy having your pics

Yeah, sue them for 20 dollars and some lost pictures. That makes sense.

CrassKal 27

OP definitely should have received a refund. A lawsuit might be excessive, but it can potentially mean some stranger with photos of them and their (possible) kids.

The $20 was most likely the cost of the film that she had in the her camera before taking it to get developed.

No, it actually costs that much money to develop pictures. It's ridiculous.

Maybe they have a close last name and the envelopes were mixed up! See if the can check!

Who even does that?! Does the place that developed them keep any records of who picks what up? Like some kind of sign in or something? Hopefully it's a mix up and the people will return the pictures, but if not then that's majorly creepy.

juturnaamo 29

Generally in one hour photo we just know who dropped what off because we were there. I've only been in two labs (CVS and Walgreens), neither asked for ID or track any pick ups.

#7 Agreed everytime I've gone to pick up photos they ask me for the receipt since the number on it matches my order. this clerk was probably being lazy

They don't really develop old camera film here anymore, but when they did; they gave you a little tear off from the envelope they're going to use for your pics (like a receipt). Both the tear off and the envelope have matching codes and you show them the tear off's code when you come to collect the photos, a few days later, or whenever...The shop/pharmacy that the OP went to get them done obviously has a messed up system...

Mathalamus 24

Well, someone wasn't doing his or her job properly...

Think of it as someone thought your family looked really nice? :)

I would not walk out of the store without a refund.

leogachi 15

@10 I completely agree. Before demanding one, though, I would call my mother and make sure she didn't pick them up for me.