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Well, your son has a future in the professionals

If his little, it sounds pretty adorable; if he's older, he's a strategic asshole.


Well, your son has a future in the professionals

We seem to have commented the exact same thing at the exact same time

It couldn't be at the same time because yours is number two

He has a future playing for Netherlands

He seems to be well on his way in becoming a pro soccer player though!

Is your son's name Scott Sterling?...

^ Absolutely love the reference to Studio C!

I love that video haha

Who are the a-holes that keep down voting the above? Watch the video! It's hilarious!...

Dont worry guys.. Scott Sterling voted it down. :D

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#73, actually yes. If your child is doing things wrong it IS appropriate parenting to make them feel loved and supported. If I were on drugs and started stealing from my mother she would be there to help me. But I'm not in drugs, because my mother guided me. Unfortunately OP's child will probably not receive similar emotional care. Emotionally abusive parents are what's wrong with society.

#80 very well said.

I agree #3. Just being what i assume is a child getting overexcited and being bad at something doesnt warrant a parent calling them an idiot on a public forum. Kids screw up, they havent learned from their mistakes the way we have.

73, I think drug abuse and failing at a sport are two wildly different categories. OP's reaction was very extreme and probably damaging to the kid's self esteem. I'm not saying everybody should get a ribbon for trying, but damn, would it kill you to sit down with your child and explain to them the importance of sportsmanship? OP handled that in a very immature way for someone who is supposed to be in charge of raising another human being.

way to be #3!! I am glad to read that I was not the only one thinking that OP acted horribly. I am so sad that you have been thumbs-down. I am sad for the human race right now. #73, I am so very sad for your kids. very sad indeed.

I sooooo want to get in on this but I've already been warned about discussing politics twice now... I do believe its the coddlers ruining society though.

"Mom, I'm leaving to start my career as a crack dealer." "Ok honey I support you in whatever you do because I'm your mother. Have fun"

Is it really so impossible to have a balance between the two sides? You know, ensure your kids knows you love them no matter what and will always try to help them but also let them know when they're being a dick and help them see the possible consequences of their actions?

Do people seriously no know what "diving" means?? The kid was trying to throw the game in his teams favor. I too, would be ashamed.

Right on. And sucking at soccer isn't the same as drugs and alcohol!

dang #73, that escalated way too quickly

Sounds like your kid is in elementary school. If that's the case, calm the fuck down. He's not an idiot. He's a child. If you don't change your attitude toward your son, he's going to grow up hating himself and that will lead him to unhealthy behavior that will destroy his life in one way or another.

Sounds like you're making unfounded assumptions. He could easily be in middle or high school.

Well, that went from 0-100 real quick.

Reading this it sounds a lot more like high school soccer playing trying to constantly flop... Nobody likes that guy...

I don't know of any elementary schools with a soccer team.

Where I live its called storms little league.

Youth soccer?

If his little, it sounds pretty adorable; if he's older, he's a strategic asshole.

Haha maybe you should suggest he plays another sport.

Just NOT baseball

He sounds like he's gonna give Christiano Ronaldo a run for his money.


Don't know why #74 is getting down voted, that's how his name is spelled...

Arjen Robben? Neymar? Ashley Young?

Do you live in The Netherlands?

Nope, in the US, Georgia pretty obviously.

I thought you said "Do you believe in the Netherlands" at first haha

I'm guessing he's making a crack at Arjen Robben.

I thought you said "Do you believe in the Netherlands" at first haha

YES thank you for commenting that, it made my day

Well that's soccer for you. The game of hockey would teach him a thing or two.

Or he will still dive to not get hit...

19990231 29

People dive in hockey too, as a player of both sports I know.

You've clearly never heard of PK Subban. He's the dive team captain of the Montreal Canadiens.

you shouldn't be ashamed of your son

Do something shameful, expect to shamed. Boo-hoo.