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  Pownzeez  |  0

people need to stop teling other people on fml to use proper grammar because no one ever listens and its f**king annoying when i see people trying to correct others, this isn't english class. go read a book if u want to see proper grammar.


WHAT #2 SAID WAS GRAMMATICALLY CORRECT NOW EVERYONE STFU. if you said something about spelling then okay you'd be correct, but come on it's the internet, everyone's gonna try to use the internet slang of the word.....

  rups  |  0

seriously? 40 thumbs down only cuz my comment is on the top? everyone knows what I meant and if you don't you are stupid...
#70- you or your? how stupid can you be? u is for you, ur is for your and u r (notice there a space in between) is for you are... weirdo...and FYI my English and English grammar is much better than yours...
#48- I meant OP's 4 year old daughter who is really young to figure all this out, knew her dad had a gf and OP didn't ... it could be because she was busy cheating too or was just too ignorant...

  kingtz  |  6

49, everybody should care. Incorrect use of contractions and possessive pronouns can totally change the meaning of a sentence. Besides, it also distinguishes the educated from the lazy and inadequately educated.

  Aoifexzx  |  3

Yes! Sure not using capital letters is the difference between "helping your uncle Jack off a horse" and "helping your uncle jack off a horse" .


But reading a sentance "Let's eat, Grandma." and reading "Let's eat Grandma." really DOESN'T make a difference. If you understood it well enough to correct them, it's highly likely that everyone else can understand what they mean as well.
And just because someone doesn't want to waste time making absolutely sure that every single thing they ever type on FML or other sites is 100% grammatically correct, doesn't make them lazy or uneducated.
You correcting them all the time isn't going to make them care, or keep them from doing it again, so just get over it.

  HubertPL  |  0

all of you need to shut the fuck up about grammar you are ruining the comments section. don't be mad that youhave a shitty job no life and your going no where in life.

  cldean24  |  4

Divorce in due time. First, I would make life at home not so easy. Cook dinner for you and the child "Oh honey, I forgot about you coming home. It's like you have another family!" Scrub the toilet with his toothbrush. You have some time >:)