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By  Viewerv  |  2

The Chain smokers are one of the hottest music acts around. They managed to get a hits and stick around even in this day and age of fast rise and fall. Yet them bombed hard during the MTV awards live performances. Those guys are multimillionaire professionals! Destroying the confidence of twelve year old over a bad performance, when even professional screw up, is not FML but YD to be tarred and feathered!

By  8313girl  |  28

Lol sounds like something I'd do but thankfully I had enough sense to not have kids. Congrats you have a sick dark sense of humor. Bad thing is you used it at the wrong time. I hope you took your kid out for ice cream or something to make it up to them.

By  jcash52426  |  5

Your a father your suppose to support your child even if she is bad at something. your job encourage your child, and help if they need help to do better with school, music and their health.

You got what you deserved!


You are supposed to encourage your children but when they are bad at something you need to find a gentle way to tell them and get hem presume something they will succeed in. I love to draw but I sucked, my mother nipped it on the bud early. I'm grateful now, as I was able to peruse and master something I was good at.

  Viewerv  |  2

See this is the problem. We all suck in the beginning. Some more so then others. If you enjoy something, keep at it until you don't want to do it any more. How do you know you wouldn't be good if you kept at it? The famous aren't always the best. They are just the ones who refused to listen to parents who "nipped it in the bud" and of course, continued to work to improve or find a niche they were good in.