By hcditfi5foygy - 31/08/2018 20:30

Today, I went to my dorm's community bathroom to do my business. After releasing the Kraken, as I was wiping, I accidentally let go of the toilet paper. Instead of the toilet, it hit the floor in the next stall. Someone was in there. FML
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Emma Marshall 19


Should have yelled out, "Tag, you're it"


Emma Marshall 19


OP: "Fuck you, Physics! I live by my own rules!" *drops TP, watches in horror as it rolls into the occupied stall next door* "I'm sorry, Physics! Forgive me!"

If the worst thing in your life is you drop some toilet paper and it rolls, you have to have one of l the easiest lives outside of the Kardashians.

It was covered in shit. You wouldn't have been embarrassed?

Now you have established dominance!

Should have yelled out, "Tag, you're it"

ChristianH39 30

"tag, your shit!"

Blucanary 6

do you not wipe your @$$ OVER the toilet?!

tounces7 27

How did the toilet paper -leave- the toilet, after you were done wiping with it? Like did it jump over the rim by itself?

Luke16eirb7deneuwn1 20


How does that even happen? Follow up please!

For all of you asking HOW this is possible.. You may not understand or believe it, but 50% of people actually wipe standing up rather than sitting down. The more you know (the less you want to) 😂