By skjjj - 26/04/2009 19:15 - United States

Today, I went to my cousin's communion. We came late and walked to the front of the church where my family was. Everyone stared and laughed but I ignored it. After the service was done my mom came up to me and pulled a long piece of toilet paper out of my skirt. FML
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You have such low self esteem that you just expect people to laugh at you on sight, or what?

That's highly embarrassing. From now on, remember to check in the mirror before you leave to any place. :P


This isn't that great.

wowfmlife 0

hahahah OUCH

oh geez, that's gotta suck. I'm sorry girl.

infm 0

pfft, you should always check when you leave the bathroom.

Someone explain this to me. HOW DOES SOMEONE GET TOILET PAPER STUCK TO THEM? I can't understand it. It seems like something you have to be retarded to even BEGIN to do.

jdb2009 0

Yup, FYL indeed.

Lol, that's funny.

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lol, check first b4 u leave YDI

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Hey, it happens sometimes.