By rabbitkiller - 20/06/2015 10:42 - China - Wuhai

Today, I went to my boyfriend's house to meet his parents, and now they have a dead rabbit because I sat on it. FML
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No Easter for you.

Bright side... Your boyfriend's parents will not be forgetting you anytime soon.


No Easter for you.

She (I'm assuming it's a female) has nearly a year to redeem herself.

All the redemption in the world can't make up for this. The bunny is dead. Who else will deliver the eggs?

Easter bunny. just wait three days. it'll come back to life.

Alup132 22

Took me a second. Now that's how you make a joke.

katherinebby17 28

Oh my god I can only imagine how horrible that was for you and his family. Hopefully they'll forgive you.

I don't know. They are probably really crushed about losing their pet.

Was that supposed to be a pun?

not the best thing to do but could have been worse

I honestly don't know how that situation could've been made any worse! FYL op!

ribx 16

Don't worry, it's all part of the circle of life, I once had a rabbit that sat on a baby bird I rescued, crushing it to death :') Now someone will sit on you...

nonsensical 26

Perhaps an elephant seems fair.

...Was that supposed to cheer us up?

ribx 16

Did it sound like it was supposed to cheer you up? :')

That is not at all how the circle of life works.

The circle of life: get born, grow up, maybe reproduce, get sat on and die. Textbook stuff.

Need to learn to look before you sit.

FieldLeftBlank 20

Is this what they mean when they say true love requires sacrifices?

That does suck! Just make sure to look next time

Poor little bunny. Didn't they warn you about the rabbit being loose?

Bright side... Your boyfriend's parents will not be forgetting you anytime soon.

it's still rather de"pressing"

Ikashy73 14

In response to your profile bio, #29, you're not just funny to yourself.

Well, next time take a good look before you put your ass on something.