By I Feel Horrible - United States - San Francisco
Today, I went to my boyfriend's house, intending to break up with him. Instead, I was greeted by his whole family throwing me a surprise party. I had to sit and listen to his whole family talk about what a great couple we are and how we're going to last forever. FML
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But that's very sweet!! Most parents don't like the partner of their children, OP should be lucky that her boyfriends parents REALLY like her! And think that their gonna last a long time, I wish I had a relationship where the parents like me!!

  Arwen_Evenstar  |  37

Yes, and usually surprise parties are for birthdays, I'm assuming she wasn't planning to end it on her birthday.
But also wondering how they planned to get her there, as it sounded like a decision she'd made.


It's only going to get harder as time goes on. You'll get closer with the family and it's much harder to leave when you have to leave them all too. It's better to do it as soon as possible

  cryssycakesx3  |  22

5, I have to agree with you sir. need to tell him before the festivities begin. I'd be upset if my girlfriend came over and partied and had a good time knowing she was going to break up with me but acted like nothing was wrong.

  LalaDee561  |  8

I actually think she should wait for another time when it's just them two and there's no family partying going on. Definitely sometime soon but that wasn't the right moment. How heart broken would the guy have been after he probably had spent days planning the surprise party for her just to have her break up with him during that party he had worked so hard on, and even WORSE while his whole family is right there. The whole thing is just horrible timing.

  wvni  |  13

"stronger than ever"? The whole reason she's there is to break up with him. Doesn't sound like she's strongly obligated to stay in the slightest.