By offuckingcourse - 06/08/2013 05:07 - Canada - Toronto

Today, I went to my boss's dinner party. My sister, who also works with me, sat across from me at the table. I felt her kick me so I kicked her back. Then I heard something start crying. It was the boss's baby crawling under the table. FML
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lets just hope you dont get kicked from the job.

I thought the saying "you make me so mad I want to kick a baby" was just an expression.


lets just hope you dont get kicked from the job.

Exactly - not to say this is anyone's fault, but who lets their baby crawl under the table full of guests? People drop knives and forks all the time.

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Stop playing? Do you know how hard that achievement is to get? ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: BABY KICKER! (50G)

Foot-sees..... Foot-sees.... Is that right? I- IS THAT RIGHT?! Please don't tell me I've gone all my years spelling it footsies!?

#58 - I really hate that your comment made me burst out in laughter.

His picture makes the misspelling foot-seas joke a hundred times better.

If he is smart he just didn't say anything and played dumb about the whole thing

That baby got a little confused. It's not your fault, it's not your fault, no. Sorry couldn't help myself.

What no one got the AWOLNATION reference? Disappointing D:

id love to know how your boss reacted

Probably was glad it wasn't him...

The FML doesn't go on but it's a baby so I'm assuming he/she didn't say "the mean man kicked me!" They probably just tended to the crying child and OP felt horrible

I thought the saying "you make me so mad I want to kick a baby" was just an expression.

Curiosity did kill the Cat

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id much rather someone kick me than my infant child.

Not if you never found out it was kicked....

"Then i heard something start crying." and are you that stupid? in no way, shape, or form would i rather an infant be kicked instead of me.

Ye but the boss doesn't know why the baby is crying. And TRUST ME being kicked hurts...

no shit being kicked hurts.. OP could have bruised the baby, think about it, babys are soft, and you were going to kick your sister, you're going to kick as hard as possible without being noticed.

Hey im soft too, better it then me!

were YOU kicked as a baby? you're horrible.

I hope not, and I would like to avoid it for as long as I can.

Im done. there's no cure for stupid.

Neither is there for being kicked!

22 - Rather it than you? Weren't you just saying in the comments below that child abuse is no laughing matter? Nice contradictions. My advice, don't spam out comments and think before you post.

your bad spelling hurts the worst.

42 - I have seen some decent comments from him before, but most are terrible. I think he's actually trying which is the sad part.

Wtf is wrong with you?

Hahahah i just realized 22 said "it THEN me" so he would like someone to kick a baby then him

ViRepz, after every single comment you made got thumbed down, I highly suggest leaving this thread

you two fight like a married couple, get a room.


If anyone purposely let a baby get kicked, I would kick their ass in seconds. See you around ViRepz....

That is one of the funniest fml's I have ever read. Hope the baby is okay!

The baby set you up.

Child abuse is no laughing matter!

It's not child abuse. It was an honest and unfortunate mistake.

It's not child abuse if it's funny

That baby was asking for it

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You are absolutely right. Let's take him out back and "kick the shit out of him". I am sure you have never made a mistake in your life.

Damn right. Kneel and face the ditch. This is a crime punishable by death, obviously.

Is this a FML? Don't be such a baby.

Why was he under the table!!!?

Looking for the fork.

Probaby dropped his or her teat.

Have you ever watched the rugrats? Kids are always playing under the table!

why was the man up the table!!?