By Anonymous - 21/10/2009 22:35 - United States

Today, I went to my academic counselor to help me deal with my stress and anxiety, which has been making me nauseous from the constant strain. She suggested exercise to help these feelings. Every time I do so, I vomit. From the anxiety and stress. FML
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you absolutely MUST speak to a proper therapist. from the sounds of things your anxiety and worries have gone beyond the point of your academic counsellor being able to help. get help, and pronto.

there sure do seem to be a lot of fmls about throwing up lately.


Maybe you need a therapist?

I had the same thing happen only with IBS. The Dr told me to try yoga & exercise which I used to do daily but had to quit because it upset my colon.

thats cuz your weak little p*Ssy

Your "counselor" is an idiot. Disregard what it says and talk to someone with a high school diploma, at least.

i have the same problem, excluding the actual vomiting, but the nausea, and the therapist i was sent to told me the same thing about exercising.

Try pills. Can't go wrong with pills.

even better, try some weed :)

From my experience, a good bowl of pot helps a lot with anxiety.


#9 and #20 have the right idea ;-)

I agree that both pot and masturbation help reduce stress. yes, thumb me down but you all know i'm right.

I'm in a similar boat. I don't throw up when I exercise but I don't sleep because I always thing my boyfriend is going to die in a nuclear attack so I always have to check the tv and internet.

What is this? I don't even...

Well this is one big convoluted mess of an FML! Whatever...YDI.

I don't think you realize that she can't help it. How can she deserve something that's completely out of her control. You wouldn't be saying that if you had her dissorder

Few remedies come to mind, and most are a waste, better off hanging out in the DMV.