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YDI Never leave your stuff unattended.



haha wow. sucks for you

oh and FIRST sorry, it was my first EVER being first. I'm poud

ok. i fail. i was PROUD

YDI for eating mcdonalds u fatty. Have a good time chewing on those dead rat meat.

What a coincidence op. I just happened to "find" a meal in McDonalds today.

Not an FML, fast food is horrible for you. The food thief is doing you a favor.

Not really, OP shoulda posted this on (my life is good) and you should thank the guy who took your food, he saved you from eating at Mcdonalds. YLIG

Oh boo hoo. One fucking hamburger isn't going to kill anyone. Shut up you fucktards.

If you'd been paying attention, the OP was eating breakfast. They do not sell burgers in the morning. McDonalds usually sells breakfast sandwiches that usually have sausage, egg, cheese, and sometimes bacon, with griddle cakes instead of breadrolls (depending on what you order). Which isn't "Ratmeat". The occasional fast food burger won't kill you. I could eat a Double quarter-pounder each day for a week and not gain a pound, but that's just me. I am as healthy as a horse, you would never guess I eat fast food. Don't be so quick to judge.

Yea but healthy isn't just on appearance if thats what you mean. Healthy is (without going into depth) Body composition & Cardiovascular health

True #87, if you mean me, I completed my most recent mile run time at my school in under 6 minutes... Compared to many other people, that is very healthy. As we speak I am eating chocolate and before that I had a glazed donut =P. I am 16, 5'11" and about 140-150lbs and I hardly gain weight. Although I am a martial arts student so I suppose that is one of the reasons I don't gain weight, but I didn't really gain weight before then. So, without going into depth, if you are "healthy" enough and are not attached to your computer as if it were an extra limb, a little fast food here and there isn't going to hurt you. Note that this is directed towards the people saying "YDI for eating Fast food fatass". I guess my point is, just because someone eats fast food, you can't assume that they are fat and lazy. I am proof of that point.

actually maybe she is one of those late wakers and wake up by the time mcdonalds lunches are served. =)

I should've expected some fat fucking idiots to say, 'one burger won't kill you'. No shit Sherlock. It's still unhealthy and you're better off making your own burgers at home. Not only would they be better for you but they'd taste better too. In my original comment I didn't say anything about burgers either so this is completely irrelevant. All I mentioned was fast food.

Agreed, fast food on occasion won't kill you. It sounds like you have A LOT of junk food though SUM1WEIRD. While you're 16 it's not going to bother you because you are a teenage boy, but don't get into the habit. You are still building up fat deposits in your arteries even with the exercise.

I don't eat A LOT of junk food, but when I want some I eat some, maybe some chips or something. My mother AND my father are the same way, they can eat tons of food and not gain hardly anything. I also ride my bike a lot. When I say a lot, I mean 8 hours a day everyday. I understand that excorcise doesn't really fix the whole thing, but I only eat McDonalds maybe once every month or 2 months. It's really a last resort if my grandmother isn't feeling well enough to cook something (she is 65 and has lupus, look that up) my mother doesn't always cook because she is turning herself into a pot smoking alchaholic, not to mention that she lives with me and my grandmother, not the other way around. Anyway, enough of me. Once again, my point is fast food isn't always a bad thing.

it could have easily said today I ordered breakfast at mcdonalds FML

ydi for leavin ur meal unattended

At least it was only a couple of dollars :p

Be thankful OP. That jerk saved you from a heart attack in a meal.

Happy meal-DENIED lol

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YDI tho. why just leave your food


LOL. remember Grimace, the big purple blob XD

LOL!!!!! Ohhh myyyyy :D Love it!! OP: Unbelievable isn't it? Some ppl... WTF? Its only McDonald's

YDI for thinking your food wouldn't get solen around black people.

That's what happens at McDonalds.

YDI for using napkins. thats why god invented sleeves. unless you were wearing a sleeveless shirt in which case your life is fucked

Really? I can't imagine ruining good/clean clothes because your too lazy to walk 3 feet for a napkin? Seriously?

125- put you humor detector in the shop asap

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@ #11 --That's so not right dude. I'm agreeing with others. Why didn't you get your napkins before sitting down?!

yea man thats not right at all! they steal hub caps right?

fuck you, racist pigs.

Dude. That is a bit too far

this is why you shouldn't leave your food at the table... thanks for the heads up. so many bums walk around my mickey d's its not even funny...

Do you have any idea how gay that made you sound?????

lol, picturing that situation in my head was amazing! While it sucks you wasted some money on food you can't enjoy, at least you are not as close to a heart attack as you were before! I worked at McDonalds and never noticed bums walking around. Maybe 'cause Im one of them, I can't tell the difference.