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By  Seegtease  |  0


McDonald's employees don't do that, and any fast food restaurant (especially McDonalds) have policies strictly prohibiting that behavior. That would get anybody fired no questions asked at any place like that.

By  AliSama  |  17

#6 yep. I would have thanked him for his polite comment, asked to see his manager. Demanded that i get my meal for free, order some more for my family, and brought everyone lunch on the looser who made comment.

By  saks20tc  |  0

to all
i work for a mcdonalds in monteagle tennessee and the fact of the matter is there was probably a conversation involved and we dnt fire ppl or give out free food for random comments to customers however if the complaint had been made the cashier would have verbally been reprimanded

By  blah_blah_shity  |  0

oh, i worked at that place for a bit. the customers were usually fat sacks of shit.

were you being a fat snobby bitch? that MAY BE why he said that. go mcdonalds worker. yeeeee.