By Shelbs - 05/11/2011 23:35 - United States

Today, I went to get the vaccination my college requires of all students. The nurse looked at my charts and told me there was good and bad news. The good news was that I didn't need the shot. The bad news was I needed four others. Now, both of my arms are swollen enough to make Popeye proud. FML
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You fights to da finish, cuz ye eats your spinach!

Perfect opportunity to pick up the ladies!

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Pretend I'm Olive and let's see how thick your fingers got

Hmm.. and I thought I'd actually need to hit the gym to impress the ladies.

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lets not exaggerate here. i got 4 shots at the beginning of the school year and they dont get swollen, they just are sore for a bit. sooo u'll be ok :D

I like the way OP worded that... Yes indeed...

#90, the OP could be allergic to one of the shots, making his arm swell.

Take those temporary guns and get LAID. Or if you are a chick try embaressing a skinny dude with your huge muscular dike arms. Swoll arms are always a good thing no matter the gender ;)

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you're Popeye the sailor man! *toot toot*

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Atta boy. I bet popeye would be proud. Not a lot of people can say they look like that hoss.

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I think it depends on what type of shot and the body immune system to swell or not.

...It didnt really fit with the situation,but when I read popeye I immediately went to the song....on the cartoons...

...You sure do... love ellipses...

Yea in real life I would.Honestly I just use ellipses to show when I'm thinking between typing.

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My ... Pauses ... Are ... From ... Being ... Out ... Of ... Shape...

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Stevie... From... Malcolm... in the... Middle...?

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That sucks! If that were me I would have cried! Last time I went for needles they couldn't give it to me because I was yelling at them to much!

Have some spinach, that'll sure bring it down.

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it obviously didn't work that way for popeye.

Naturally spinach is good for you, no harm done.

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and you didn't have to eat nasty ass spinach!

Spinach is pretty good depending on how you eat it/what you put with it.

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I eat my spinach raw! a boss

Well yea, spinach can be good. But ass spinach certainly wouldn't be.

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i had to get 4 before. i had cheer right after too. it suckedd cat nipple.

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hm wouldn't know, never sucked cat nipples before.

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Well I too, had four shots at one appointment before.. But I wasn't a PUSSY about it!

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You and the person below me have the same face but backwards. Weird.

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109 - I once had 5, they didn't even hurt, why do people made such a big deal about it?

Getting those shots is the easy part of college

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You must feel like a big kid! :D

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it tends to hurt more if you tense up.

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67 hahahhaa your not funny now go dig a hole and don't come out until you get wiser :)

Dejavu,this guy was posting in reply to someone on a completely different FML and said the same thing... I'm going to assume it's a sort of a glitch?

Easter rabbit is taking this hiding thing to an extreme!

Really? You didn't notice that you were commenting on the wrong FML? You didn't notice that you were replying to no one? You wrote this exact same comment on another FML HOURS ago. Attention *****.

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You don't get a choice,they are all grape flavored :-@

Hands down. Butterscotch dum dums are my favorite!(:

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Have you tried the Buttered Popcorn flavor Dum-Dum? It's weird, but awesome ;)

Perdix, I have not but if it's anything like the Jelly Belly jellybeans, then yuck! I couldn't get the texture to match the flavor profile. Just like that cheeseburger pizza Dominos had a while back. They used ketchup and mustard instead of the marinara sauce. It tasted all too strange for my liking!(: Don't get me started on how I feel about spaghetti squash. Lol

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OK, then don't go out of your way to get the buttered popcorn Dum-Dum. I'm fascinated by how you feel about spaghetti squash. I can hardly imagine anyone having very strong feelings about it. Let me have it!

Well, apparently you have a more sophisticated palate than I. Lol I can't get past expecting foods to taste a certain way only to have them not match. Just like the other foods I mentioned. And I love all veggies! But that one feels weird in my mouth.

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Enslaved, I'm wondering why spaghetti squash is the one with such a disconnect. Were you expecting meatballs, too, when you cut open the squash? I've got to admit that your mention of things feeling weird in your mouth turned me on a little bit. ;)