By Etrius - United States - La Grande
Today, I went to get my hair cut. My stylist had the greatest tattoo of a rat on her arm. I spent the whole appointment thinking about how cool the tattoo was, and what an interesting person she must be to choose such a thing. So I complimented her on it and she said, "Oh it's a wolf." FML
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By  flufee2  |  27

That must have been howls

  abhi95  |  31

When will the world get over being stupid and begin to comprehend sarcasm!? The thumbs down actually makes me feel intellectually superior.. Thank you!


#72, if your 'sarcasm' wasn't clear enough, that you had to explain and point it out, then you aren't as "intellectually superior" as you hold yourself to be. Did using those big words make you feel smarter?

And when will the world get over being cocky and arrogant? You are a fine example that, that time may be never. You self-centered humanoids, it's only a matter of time until us alien life forms take over...

  Flowtastic  |  16

72 - about the same time when your "sarcasm" actually resembles that.

Until then, what you hold yourself to be, and what you actually project to this "unintelligent" world may be two very different things

By  Thinkitthrough  |  23

... And now she isn't cool? I'm trying to see what is so bad but I can't. Is it just that you feel dumb for mistaking a wolf for a rat? If so I just don't understand why your life is fucked up.

  junkman6  |  22

Pissing off the person who cuts your hair is never a good idea. Painful personal experience talking there.

Maybe the stylist wasn't pissed or maybe she's just plotting revenge for next time? I'd be afraid if I was OP.


I'm guessing it's the embarrassment of making the mistake. If the tattoo looked that much like a rat, it was probably a pretty awful tattoo. By complimenting the stylist on her rat tattoo, OP was basically (unintentionally) pointing out to the stylist that the tattoo doesn't look like what it's supposed to look like. Probably quite awkward.