By Anonymous - United States - Barrington
Today, I went to get an HPV vaccine after being convinced to by my mom. I stayed in the waiting room afterwards, because the vaccine has the possible side-effect of causing fainting. I didn't faint; instead, I spent the next 15 minutes giggling uncontrollably like a psycho. FML
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  cmayer  |  20

I know someone who was put into the hospital for at least a week bc of the HPV vaccine. For some people the risk of contracting HPV and the cancer it can cause is very low and it's not worth the possible side effects of the vaccine.

  zeep92  |  18

It's so easy to use facts to help your case when they support what you want.
It protects you against (some but not all) cervical cancers, anal cancers, vaginal cancers, vulvar cancers, a variety of oral cancers and genital warts as well.
Side effects suck, yes. Myself? I got rash on my arms. But I ended up getting all three anyway. With everything having the potential to give you cancer these days, I wasn't willing to take that risk.

  ise3  |  10

I mean the cdc says its safe. Although they do say that it's not as cost effective for men and women over the age of 26. (Just did some research)

  TheMathMajor  |  26

I think she just means compared to other vaccines. I had the three series shots too and they definitely hurt more than any other vaccine I've gotten. (Not saying at all that I wouldn't get it just because of that, the benefits far outweigh the risks).

  truth_teller23  |  11

I fainted on the second shot. I was wearing a skirt, so when the doctor lifted up my legs to regulate blood flow back to my brain, everyone got to see. Now the guy who administers shots is afraid of me.