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  Zebidee  |  8

25 & 28 - I agree. I read it a bunch of times and took it to mean that she got home an had to go into "damage control" to justify a $50 haircut to her husband or whatever. The 'I wasn't happy with my haircut' version makes sense now, but sweet baby Jesus this FML was horribly written.

  TheNewGuy03  |  28

am i the only one who got this the first time around? ><

anyway, before i leave the barber's, i scrutinize the everlasting fuck out of my hair. i hate having a bad cut that i have to fix. that's what i'm paying your ass for. the same goes for women. don't let your hairdresser fuck you over. didn't they give you a mirror??

|the kid|

  iheartowls  |  0

22- Aren't we shallow? I've gotten crappy haircuts by day spas before that charge $45. I've been doing hair for 10 yrs. now. I also have a 95% request rate. You don't know what you're talking about, so STFU!!! Have a great day, shallow girl!!

  5t3ff1k4h  |  44

22 - Some cheaper places ($20 and under) DO give good cuts. I have yet to find one, but that's beside the point. I don't mind paying $40 for my hair cut, as long as they do a good job. Now, the salon I go to has an excellent reputation, and I've never received a bad cut from there, which is why I don't mind going and spending a little more than I should.

  TheLetterZero  |  7

Hey everyone! Apparently, if you can't understand this FML in the first few seconds you read it, you're an illiterate failure who belongs on the streets!

Sarcasm aside, it is worded badly. (Ex. Saying follow-up and afterward is just being redundant.) Insulting the literacy of others like this is dumb. -_-

  JaneChemi_fml  |  21

22- yes people want to look good, but not everyone shits 50 dollars on a TRIM. just because a place us cheap doesn't mean it sucks. for example I cut hair from home for around 5-10 dollars, people always send their friends my way. all I use is a $7 hair razor.

  DocBastard  |  38

Just make sure you don't go back to the same salon. Let's see...$50 for a trim, and shaving would involve a lot more hair, so...

$250 to shave your head. Have a seat right here. So where are you from?

  Ninjasaurus18  |  9

That's not a lot. Especially if they have their hair styled like mine. Maybe she has a sidecut, (like me!) mohawk, or dreadlocks. Thenit would cost $50. Mine usually costs $90 for a cut and dye.
And before you call me a spoiled brat, I need to get a 3.75+ GPA (out of 4) to get it done. So I work for it.

  InDenial  |  6

$50 for a trim? Really? It costs me $15 for a trim. My girlfriend pays $20 for hers so either you got extremely long hair or you got ripped off big time.

  theian01  |  3

I get my hair cut for $Free.99

I have long hair and I plan on keeping it that way. (and I get a trim every now and then from my mommy :-D. Fucking love my mom... I'm 19 btw...)


I agree with SOMA, but even in non-urban places, $50 may be reasonable for the type of cut being trimmed. When I lived more, er, rural places, I always paid at least $40 for a decent trim on my shorter styles. The cheaper salons could never seem to differentiate between "feminine pixie cut" and "classic three year old boy cut."

I've also (unfortunately) been in this OP's position. A stylist made a god-awful mistake, and every attempt to fix it looked worse. No one else was available to help, so I finally just paid, left, and went elsewhere. I would have refused to pay, but she was a friend of a friend. Never made that mistake again.

  boatkicker  |  4

$50 for a real haircut, I can understand,
$50 for a trim (trim meaning keeping hair in the same style, and not cutting more than an inch or two off) seems a bit unreasonable to me.

But that still doesn't mean OP deserves it. If you pay for any sort of service, it ought to be done correctly.