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By  kofinater  |  3

damn, cereal is so good

By  kofinater  |  3

damn, cereal is so good


^Have you ever tried to clean up oil, of any kind, it does not clean up well. I work in a restaurant and a half-gallon of cooking oil broke open and my boss had me clean it up, it took well over a half hour to get it all cleaned up before you could walk on it without falling.

By  Sarahfae  |  0

Why was there no lid on the oil? Or better yet, why was it not stored in a cupboard, and not one with cereal in it. And why would you put an empty box of cereal in the cupboard?

  aliaskis  |  3

my husband puts empty boxes back in the cupboard all the time. perhaps OP lives with an irresponsible and lazy person. I hope it wasn't the good olive oil. that's expensive stuff.

By  mintcar  |  9

Well... that's a bummer. It depends on which type though.
If it was an empty box of Wheaties, then you shouldn't feel too bad. However, if it was Cinnamon Toast or Captain Crunch then FYL.
There's nothing worse than wanting good cereal and not being able to have any.

By  iheartglasses  |  0

I dont see how anyone would put back an empty box anyway.. And I bet you'll learn not to keep glass in front of other objects :) Im sorry you had to clean up oil, that must have been a bitch to get up BUT you did bring it on yourself..

By  metawarr56  |  0

I appreciate this FML. It's a true FML. How they should be. It's not something that's really really unfortunate. I find it disturbing that people actually read this to hear miserable things. This is funny and relatable. Thanks, OP, for giving us something worthwhile.