By Not That Old - 28/07/2011 04:22 - United States

Today, I went to El Pollo Loco for the $10.00 special. I ordered from the pimple-faced kid at the register, pulled out two fives, and he said, "That'll be 9.70, I gave you the senior discount." I'm 10 years away from that. Thank you? FML
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lindsaysue 4

Take the discount and be happy about it! The poor kid didn't have to give it to you...

saved yourself 30 cents, 7 years ago that was five sticks of gum... be greatful


MCVelvet1497 3

It's exactly how my dad felt when he saw his mother-in-law drive off a cliff with his new car.

a1s 3

Maybe he liked you and just couldn't give you any other dicount? Those pimply faced gerantofiliacs aren't really experienced casnovas, you know...

AaronTkr 0

don't make fun of the way people look, OP.

iliveinthesky_fml 0

maybe he was being nice. freaking jerk.

icecreamdriveby 5

44- I think she mentioned that out of spite.

he tries to be nice by giving you a discount and you call him pimple-faced?

you pulled out $10 and then he told you it was $9.70 after the discount? I'm pretty sure that pimple-faced kid just saved you a little bit of money, or you worded the FML wrong. If it happened like this he probably thought you didn't have enough...

ah wait I don't know if my comment went through but I'm on a fail iPod so it mightve. anyways I read the fml again and realized it said $10 special...not that the thing was 10 dollars and you weren't sure what the price would be until you were actually at the register meaning you would know if you had enough money before entering the store. sorry xP

iceildor 6

Today, I was working at my job where an old geezer orders the $10 meal. Before I told him his total including tax, he pulls out two $5 bills like he knows everything. I didn't want to disappoint him by telling him he's short, so I have him the senior discount. He then proceeds to call me a pimple faced jerk for thinking he's a senior. FML

Hey Weeman, go walk under a bus you short ****. You aren't funny.

a1s 3

Op said that it was a 10$ special. Or do you have to pay tax on top of the listed price in US? (That really sucks for the mathematically challanged among us, if it's true.)

proski 0
NagatoPain 4

Isn't it...that you need better eyes you idiot?

lindsaysue 4

You're all assholes... The mods can (and did) change the FMLs after they're posted. I don't remember what it said, but he's right, it did get changed...

daltyboy 0

ur fuking stupid kid thts wat she said u dumb A$$

so OP is about 40? isnt she a little bit old to be on fml?

rallets 22

daltyboy, you can't possibly insult someone's intelligence while typing like that. And your girlfriend could almost be a man.

that was his girlfriend? crap, I thought that was Justin bieber

You're the stupid ones, you ignorant *****. The FML was changed so it had the correct wording. After #2 made his comment. Think before you speak you fascist bastards.

kings1fan 6

You could have just posted the first sentence and it still would have been a FML! Hahah el polo loco is GROSS! Why would you eat there when theres KFC!

Maybe you want someone who's about 40 to kick your ass? BTW, dumb ****, 50 isn't exactly a senior citizen.

StopDropNRoll 11

Who gives a f*. Take the discount!

I don't see what you're complaining about you saved a whole 30 cents!! Chin up.

LizzieLizz18 4

He didn't save 30 cents, he saved more. He probably got a $2 discount then got charged tax which added up to $9.70

Beebow_fml 5

60- That would be almost 20% tax, I don't think the government's THAT desperate... yet.

erikaa1123 4

Well op probably got a 10% discount which would leave them with $9.00 plus tax, which I believe in California is 7.25% than it would be around $9.70.

tittymagic 0

I cannot wait to become a well respected senior citizen in my community... nobody ever holds a door for some teenager or gives them a .30 cent discount.

GreenMaze 0

And dont judge the kids face. You had worst when you were YOUNG.

That's what I'm saying you milk that shiz!! Lol

I heard the kid from the simpsons voice

lindsaysue 4

Take the discount and be happy about it! The poor kid didn't have to give it to you...

what was the point of saying the guy had pimples?

lindsaysue 4

saved yourself 30 cents, 7 years ago that was five sticks of gum... be greatful

30 years ago 30 cents would have got you a stamp with a ten cent return ... lol

JustDerpin 11
StopDropNRoll 11

My comment got moderated ;(. the point was who cares just take the discount ^_^

*scratches head* Don't they have to confirm age on an ID for senior discounts??

If you look old enough just assume you're a senior and they don't bother you with having to pull out your card. It's kind of like when bartenders card 30 year-olds but once you turn 40 people can look at you and tell you're old enough to drink.

MCVelvet1497 3

Exactly how my dad felt when his mother in law drove off a cliff in his new car.

ItsApril 0

Apparently you are a immature and somewhat spiteful old woman if you have to make sure to point out the kid had pimples.

The second post of a double post usually has more thumbs down than the original....good job.

AaronTkr 0

it's funny cause post #11 has 11 thumbs up and post #12 has 12 thumbs up :D but that'll change soon..

you can't be a immature. it's not a noun.

it's because she didn't say "an immature..." which is the correct grammar because a vowel cannot follow the word "a". he was trying to elaborate and be funny but he failed.