By cdoyle - 8/4/2009 12:32 - Canada
Today, I went to dinner with my boyfriend. After we ordered, I started to unzip his fly really slowly. As I put my hand in his boxers, he stands up to greet his mom and dad who were joining us for dinner. FML
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By  lnm701  |  0

I'm assuming you didn't know they were joining you, which is in itself kind of weird. But really, he let you unzip his pants and start reaching in his boxers without mentioning that mom and dad were on the way?

By  dezzr  |  0

maybe if your werent acting like a ho fo sho........
and girls say guys cant keep it in their pants. well no we cant, not when your taking it out in the middle of a resturant

By  wompwompwomp  |  0

I say, screw #1 and 2. Keep up the public sex acts. But definitely be careful when the parents are around. You're probably dumb for doing it seconds before they arrive.

But there's nothin wrong with playin with his cock n balls for a little while. (Adam Sandler "theyre all going to laugh at you" CD impression)