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By bananathan5 - / Wednesday 17 April 2019 12:00 /
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By  TCRII  |  26

If this were legit, the district attorney would have instructed you to not talk about it (ie on FML). My guess is that you are a spoiled brat, your father attempted to restrain you during a temper tantrum and you decided to teach him a lesson. His attorney was probably there to enter his plea and set a trial date. Grow up. Get a job. Move out.

  cazziuz1983  |  8

My thoughts exsactly, odds are it wasn't even what the kid claims.
Speaking as a parent, in my kids mind getting a spanking counts as abuse(he's 9), actually told the school counseled that I abuse him when he gets into trouble... Big investigation, they see that it's just a spanking and not even. A hard one that he gets... He ends up ( with my permission) spending a night in the suicide cell at the local juvie center(not actual contact with other juvies just there and he can see them cuase there is a big plastic window) was told by the cps people that if I ever did beat/abuse him that it would be me in the cell and not him, but if he lied again he would be in cells like that for a long time to come .

Somethi g like that needs to happen to OP, only let them be arou d real juvies who typically are actually abused and mistreated, and let him spend more than just one night.

Kids nowadays think simple basic punishment for things they know they are not suppose to do is abuse.... Can't wait to hear them cry about how unfair life is As an adult

By  davidfong  |  14

That usually mean that you win the case, so this an FML for your dad not you. And your dad is an asshole. I hate people that hurt kids and women. Men can fight each other. Women can fight each other.
Men and women can fight each other in self defense only. A child should never be hit unless they do something extreme like steal a car.