By Tom - 17/08/2011 18:27 - United States

Today, I went to court expecting to walk out a free man. Turns out my misdemeanor offense couldn't compare to the crime I committed when I walked into the court house with a switchblade tucked into my shoe. FML
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More like "sharp" ;p

Like Cherry Dr. Pepper?

A smooth criminal?

Like a baby's bottom

It takes eleventy seven thousand ounces of smooth to make a stone throne...jealous?

damn, life hates you. good luck man!

Don't drop the soap. Words to live by for the next few years.

Why would he forget a switchblade...ydi op

Sounds like karma. What did you do OP??

Who keeps a switchblade in their shoe? It'd be hard to grab in a self defense situation if that's what it was for.

You would think that would be uncomfortable enough to remember... and if you had half a brain you would be smart enough to remove any weapons from your possession BEFORE a court appearance! FYL hard.

Sounds like you're a jackass, ydi

21, he's going to be feeling a lot more uncomfortable in jail ;)

I see your point OP

^well this is called ass rape, and we shootin the jail scene;)

Is OP on Fml from a prison's computer ?

You fucking deserved this.

He was in court because he went to the airport forgetting a switchblade was in his shoe... haha

wow you are a real winner, and I bet you are a great contributing productive member of society....

Your butthole: o . Your butthole in jail: O

tacknive that motherfucker up

Why..? YDI for being unaware of what you keep near your feet

Trying to be Maxwell smart, eh? Attending the element of SURPRI-oh

Who said he was a pedophile? Good job on the correct da and nuns though.

Ugh. Wrong comment.

51- You hate Final Destination movies to!?! Marry me! I just kid! Kind of.

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BWAHAHAHAHA, "2+2= you're an idiot." That was hilarious.

There are far better places to conceal a knife my friend.

Where where in your derrière!

i tape mine to my penis

Must be a small knife.

I laughed so hard at that :D

I keep mine inside.

Wouldn't that be kind of uncomfortable?

Dumbass. Weapons are to be hidden in body orifices, all criminals know that.

Pretty soon, other things will be occupying his orifices. good luck as a prison bitch op.

a switchblade is never "accidentally" tucked into a shoe. next you'll have us believe that "forgot" that chambered round, and "just didn't get around to" putting your weapon on safety.

Take note that the word "Accidentally was never in the post, next you'll have us beliving words are in the post that where never really there! Idiot

You, sir, are a fuck up.

Smooth criminal?

Dun dun da da dun dun da da dun dun da da dun dun, you've been hit by, you've been struck by, a smooth pedophile. Dun dun da da dun dun

Really to much work for a tasteless joke :-/