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  laneylovesu2  |  3

You would think that would be uncomfortable enough to remember... and if you had half a brain you would be smart enough to remove any weapons from your possession BEFORE a court appearance! FYL hard.

By  xgirlofglassx  |  4

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  brianjman14  |  22

BWAHAHAHAHA, "2+2= you're an idiot." That was hilarious.

By  plebeianFelix  |  5

a switchblade is never "accidentally" tucked into a shoe. next you'll have us believe that "forgot" that chambered round, and "just didn't get around to" putting your weapon on safety.

  hobojones  |  0

Take note that the word "Accidentally was never in the post, next you'll have us beliving words are in the post that where never really there! Idiot