By sorkin15 - 24/03/2016 21:06 - United States - West Palm Beach

Today, I went to Costco and the cashier asked me how I was doing so, to be nice, I asked her back. She said, "I'm fucking horrible, I'm working at Costco," nearly making me spit my drink out. FML
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Well you did ask...

She has a FHL


Well you did ask...

She has a FHL

F the cashier's life

epilepticloh 20

I don't see how this is a fyl...

Don't see how that's an FYL

Could be worse they could be working at Walmart

Sonotsuave 33

I’m sorry aha I laughed really hard. I imagined an overly smiley lady with that fake ass attitude giving a “How are you” and then when you asked in return, her face frowning and yelling I’M FUCKING HORRIBLE 😂🤣🤣😭😭 poor broke bitch

randybryant799 20

I'm missing why you're upset. She's the one working at Costco.