By Pakundo - 17/01/2009 11:31 - France

Today, I went to an underwear shop, and an employee recommended me a push-up bra. I was wearing one. FML
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he's just trying to sell don't take it personally..

pretty sure op isnt a man


push up bras are nice

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Show it anyway happens sometimes...every women doesnt have perfect breasts...yea it sucks but at least it wasnt a guy making the comment....there are exercises that help lift your chest...

Wait...does that mean you have big boobs? Or little?

i feel your pain man.

pretty sure op isnt a man

And if OP was a man, that would be REALLY awkward.

Chicken fillets ftw!

I wonder how ur comment would look on a pc ( im on my ipod touch :D)

Haha sucks for you, OP

Ommm nom nom. :D

she was probably just doing her job, you're too sensitive.