By smallmediumatlrg - United States
Today, I went to a yard sale and found a cute plush duck. I sent a pic of it to my friend with the message "Jackpot!" I guess she didn't see the pic because she called me up all excited, thinking my boyfriend of 6 years finally proposed to me. "No, I said, I just found a big duck for $1." FML
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  monkeyz0r  |  0

she typed "jackpot" in a message, and sent a pic of a stuffed duck in a message to her friend but the picture didnt go through, so her friend, seeing the word jackpot, assumed her bf had proposed


What happened was the picture of the duck didn't show up when she sent the word "Jackpot" to her friend. Her friend immediately got excited thinking her boyfriend of SIX YEARS FINALLY purposed. But he obviously did not. So she was forced to tell her friend that: No, her boyfriend didn't purpose, but she found a giant plush duck on sale. Clearly she would say FML because she felt like an idiot. Her boyfriend didn't purpose, but she was excited about finding a plush duck.
OP: FYL, indeed

By  Lindsay46789  |  0

So why hasn't your bf proposed? I'm guessing that's the FML here right, that he hasn't yet and it's been six years and the fact that your friend assumes that because you're excited he must've finally popped the question?

  Alexgoesfml  |  3

#14 has got the idea. Moving onto the FML, it is not actually an FML unless your bf told your friend he was planning on proposing to you and she just wrecked it.