By hborkowski - 27/12/2012 04:03 - United States - Asheville

Today, I went to a urinal next to an elderly gentleman. As I was doing my business, he zips up and begins to leave. On his way out, he leans over my shoulder and whispers in my ear, "That's nice". FML
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brittanyrmh_ 12

Awkward urinal moments are the reason I'm glad to be a girl

He reminds me of that old guy in family guy.


He's probably listening to the music.

What if the bathroom had no music playing? :S

Does "an urinal", being grammatically correct, still sound wrong to anybody else?...

Oh, yeah it does. I read it as 'a urinal' though. Weird.

37- It's not grammatically correct, some words don't follow that rule.

It's pronounced as joorinal - that's why it uses "a" instead of "an" - it depends on pronunciation, not on wether or not it actually starts with a vowel / consonant.

there is no "j" sound in urinal. there however p in a urinal

An umbrella vs A university

LiyIa_fml 8

I learn so much from FML comments.

MilkyFilmz 26

He leaned over his shoulder..

Should have turned around so he could have felt the warmth!

Or he could've turned around, looked him straight in the eyes and said "I know".

mcBe 6

I think the old guy would've took that as OP hitting on him...

Just take the compliment OP

He reminds me of that old guy in family guy.

*from. An elderly gentleman? My god OP, don't be rude and gently take your pants off for the heck of it.

Why did you have to tarnish your good comment?

karen1991 15

That's what I was thinking!

I literally read "That's nice." to myself in his voice lol.

Ah yes herbert the pervert

24- I wanted it too be balanced in some way.

Llamacod 11

He didn't have a sign saying "free back rubs and popsicles" did he?

cmanaus 3

Haven't seen that paper boy in a while

bubba142 5


XD That's.true! But it would've been even funnier had the man actually looked like him

73 I think you mean popssssssssicles in his ccccccccccellar.

angela3222 0

I have a hard time believing this FML...

Then let it loosen up a bit

brittanyrmh_ 12

Awkward urinal moments are the reason I'm glad to be a girl

I am sure there are moments you wished you were a boy... a lot of moments.

brittanyrmh_ 12

10 - Very true

perdix 29

Period, pregnancy and bra-snapping moments are why I'm glad to be a dude;)

I'm on meds that stop my period, can't get pregnant, and don't wear the kind of bra you can snap. I can also pee standing up, though this is not a talent I use particularly often, it beats squatting in the bush getting your ass bit by mosquitoes. That's pretty much all the benefits of being male covered, and I don't even have to deal with any Awkward Boners!

46- got this life thing figured out

Reasons to not want to be a man, getting hit in the balls, kidney stones, awkward boners, etc…

I just don't know how they run with those thing bouncing around... Not that I don't appreciate them but I like to cross my legs. Plus when I'm with my guy friends and I mess up playing a game or practically anything I can blame it on having a vagina. Or if I kick their ass at a game it's more impressive. I'm good with being a girl. The baby stuff does scare the crap out of me though.

Blame it on having a vagina? What?! Your vagina doesn't make you mess up a game, being unlucky/bad at the game does! sorry but if I sucked at something I'd say " :/ oh I suck at that" rather than "oh shit, probably coz i have ovaries" -.-

Sir_ND_Pity 35

@65: We tape it down when we run

Them don't have a baby.

@56 Don't have to be a man to get kidney stones, just need kidneys...

Yeah man, having one less awkward situation is totally better than equality

65, dknt your tits get in the way more than our dicks do?

Was he the pope or something?

FMLshark 12

I'm pretty sure you were aiming for a Catholic priest joke.

Isn't the pope just a glorified catholic priest?

awesomeman10 6

FMLshark 2 Breaking bad 0

awesomeman10 6

Is that a compliment?

No, nice as in, you are so fucking gross, why the fuck does your penis look like 2 rabid raccoons scratching their butts against a dead tree. When has it ever been different?

Epikouros 31

It could be a back-handed compliment, like 'what a nice little boyclit'.

A very disturbing one.

Don't be rude, say thank you!

KVKdragon 26

If you're creeped out, try not to think about it and move on. If the guy tries to approach you, tell him you're not interested and he should leave you alone. If you're just confused, take it as a compliment. If he approaches you later, you can meet him again if you're legitimately interested. If you're not 18 or older, stay in school and don't do anything you might regret. You're not at the proper age to experience/carry those kinds of burdens. That is all :P

You are 19, you would know about being a mature adult

brittanyrmh_ 12

12 - Don't try and be logical on the Internet, that's not how it works.

iluvevil01 11

Experience what kind of burdens? It's not like either of them can get pregnant.

33- Must be AIDS or other STD's

KVKdragon 26

@18 You must be psychic to assume that I'm a mere inexperienced teenager. Wow me with more of your predictions :)

KVKdragon 26

@33 The term burden can applied to anything that one acquires after an act that is regretted. The memory of that act could be scarring. The feelings one person felt during said act might be nauseating to re-experience from that point onwards. The health complications one person could acquire from said act could be scandalous to himself/herself. I could go on but that's all I can think about at the moment

IworkAt711 14

75, he read your info.

KVKdragon 26

@95 I was talking about the adjectives that came before teenager. He/she can't honestly say as a fact that I'm mere or inexperienced. No one on the Internet can unless they're my Facebook friends lol

More than two shakes means your playing with it (not that there is anything wrong with playing with it once and a while)!!!

_thatbluh 5

Ur gorgeous