By NotAThief / Sunday 14 August 2016 22:03 / United Kingdom
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By  CastaP  |  12

Your cat is trying to tell you, that you better bring home some good grub or the spouse gets it next! Also, check your bag before leaving home, sheesh.

By  SherbetGlitter  |  26

Bad luck OP! On the plus side, at least a dead mouse is easy enough to explain and anyone with a cat will understand your pain. Doesn't ease the embarrassment but at least they'll understand the truth and not think you like toting dead mice around

By  yellowzinnias  |  20

Do you have an iPhone plus? They set some of the alarms off. I went into a store just to use their nail salon, so when I left I didn't have anything. The alarm went off, the guy rushed over and, when he realized I didn't have anything but my phone, wallet and keys, asked me if I bought my shoes there. What, did he think I came in barefoot?! lol

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