By Anonymous - United States - North Bergen
Today, I went to a river near my house. They have several swing ropes that you grab and then jump into the river. As I was about to let go of the rope, my leg got tangled and I was held underwater. My mom watched and laughed for a while before she came to help me. FML
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  Yaen  |  18

It's possible OP wasn't really in that much danger and her mother had good reason to have a bit of a laugh before coming to her rescue. At least she helped in the end!

  Link5794  |  18

"Oh, that water's cold! I'll save you! And help you wash your hair!"
-Rope, paraphrased

  WOGBRO  |  6

Um I was just talking about how Leslie falls into the river and dies by swinging on a rope.
Lol it wasn't a literal question I was being smart a*s


Actually u can't here any above water noises unless your ears are close to the surface. Any deeper than 1-2 feet and you can only here loud noises and from 4 feet or lower you can only hear very loud noises and sound barrier breaking noises or a sonic wave from an explosion. Or it could depend on the thickness consistency of the water.

  TheMathMajor  |  26

That woman didn't actually put her 5 year old in the tanning bed. The little girl had a sunburn and people accused her of doing it, but the tanning salon she goes to confirmed that the daughter always waits in the front with other family members while the mom tans. The woman still has a problem though, her skin is crazy gross.