By footinmouth - United States
Today, I went to a restaurant with some friends. I noticed a very cute waitress about my age, so I walked over to her and asked if she had a boyfriend. The extremely fit, attractive waiter standing next to her immediately turned, held out his hand and goes, "Yeah. Meet me." FML
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  Sun_Kissed18  |  25

Hey I recognize other women as "fit" and "beautiful" in an "I hate you" kind of way :)

Edit: Not that I'm not fit or pretty >.>

  thyaftermath  |  0

Yeah, I think you deserved it.
Because you are never supposed to approach a girl like that.
It might be okie, in a heat of the moment at a bar .
But that only seems simple in the movies.
Not in real life.
You are supposed to introduce yourself, take the time to see if she likes you that way.
Or if shes been checking you out all night or something
, go and introduce yourself.
BUT YOU NEVER just go , hey do you have a boyfriend?shes like; No,
And then you are like
WANnana Be MY GIrlfriennnd?
AND shes like yeah!
no . stupid
stupid , you deserved it.

  genius_man16  |  0

This is the stupidest FML ever. How is your life fucked? Oh my god, one random girl whom you had never met before had a boyfriend and he happened to see you hitting on her. Dear god man! How will you recover?

Seriously, just GTFO. And remember to cut down the river and not across it. Stupid emo fuck.

  thyaftermath  |  0

YEAHHHAA 3 rd agree!!
Later that night..
WOW.. you were so nice to help me out like that.
guy: u wanna ride home babe?...
later that night : the cars shaking oh yeahh babay



Agreed, #2. Especially if the first thing he's going to ask her is if she had a boyfriend. And worse, while she's working.

"Hi, waitress who is trying to do her job who I'm bothering and who I've never met before, do you have a boyfriend?"

  sobe23  |  0

That's what I thought too. I've used this same excuse a zillion times (it always works).
And, why would you hit at someone at work? They could get in trouble for being unprofessional!

  chronicwanker  |  4

it depends if your employer thinks it is within their right to control your personal life and what you do away from work where it has absolutely no bearing on the employer or the company. I think its ridiculous to ban employees from dating, as long as they keep it professional at work. and if thy dont, fire one of them ahahahahaha

  sh0es  |  0

No, its probably real, and like somebody said before - he wasn't her boyfriend, he was just protecting her from assholes who think its okay to hit on their waitress.

By  HurriKaty  |  4

Oh no, your life is over.

Seriously, some chick you don't know has a boyfriend? Get the fuck over it. It's not like there's not millions of other girls out there.

Wah wah wah.

  afox2122  |  5

it's not the fact he didn't get the girl, it's just embarrassing that her boyfriend happen to be right next to her and heard him trying to hit on her.