By Tori - 16/02/2011 07:40 - United States

Today, I went to a restaurant with my boyfriend. Within seconds of getting my drink, I spilled it all over the table and my scarf. When the waiter was helping clean up the spill, he knocked over my boyfriend's drink. All over my pants. FML
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Make the best of any Situation. BAM. You should of had sex then and there.

From your boyfriends perspective at least this is a win. I mean he hasn't even paid for dinner yet and already you are all wet. ;-)


denbeste 3

YDI OP! Girl in pants ARE lesbian!

all of them? damn. Oklahoma is full of them.

Guess ur in a sticky situation

Make the best of any Situation. BAM. You should of had sex then and there.

but then they would get sticky from the drinks and the table would get dirty, and the two young Swedish chicks would want to join in and....hmmm I can't recall where I was going with this??

damn chick yurh really hot !!

samadams42 0

well dip my dick in cream and throw me into a box of kittens aren't you hott! oh FYl OP.

hot and hilarious. are you a goddess

appreciate the remarks guys but I am actually a guy as well

samadams42 0

28 I didn't realize that haha oops I'll choose a new one.

y'all are dumb. lmfao. the person's name up there is "TheFlyingMan" clearly, they're not a real girl... let's use our brains , people :)) kk cool.

Aww, how romantic!

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Add some candles and flowers and spaghetti (xD), and it'd be a perfect romantic dinner!

lol he wont mind

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I eat poo.

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Tehe. was it lemonade or fruit punch?

that sucks

Awww, that sucks. FYL :(

UpsidedownKayak 9

Your date was so bad it's a cliché. I would think your boyfriend feels awful about it, give him the chance to make it up to you.

all4pooh 4

Bad luck? lol

I think so