By Anonymous - / Wednesday 30 September 2009 21:22 / Canada
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  ilg4evr  |  0

lol I hate bad jokes too but I think the "hairy situation" joke was kinda amusing actually. I mean just cause it's ridiculous. It made me smile


you're right, all FML comments should be "witty" and sound like they were stolen from a dean cook skit, like all you high schoolers try to do. And then add in "STFU" or "kthxbaii" at the end. and then go take 25256 pictures of yourself at weird angles for your myspace.

By  TheSuitGuy  |  0

Today, a stupid bitch complained about how there was hair in her food at the restaurant I work at. The entire staff spent 3 hours explaining to her that it was her own hair. FML

  bzb  |  0

Ummmm - is that an assumption on the service staff or what? I read this FML several times, I have no idea WHERE you get Mexican from! Oh, and plenty of Mexicans are blonde. Mexican is naturally the cross between the indigenous and Spanish cultures, so remnants of both societies still remain.