By unlucky - 31/05/2016 19:05 - United Kingdom - Bristol

Today, I went to a party. After asking several people about the ingredients in a cake, I took one bite and ended up in the hospital with a severe reaction to the nuts that "definitely weren't" in it. FML
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Did you ask the maker of the cake or just random guests?

I'm sorry OP. Maybe there was almond extract in it and they didn't realize that meant nuts.


Somehow I initially read this thinking you got an allergic reaction ON your nuts...

Oh come on that's hilarious why so many down votes

Did you ask the maker of the cake or just random guests?

A very important question and from the FML wording, a number of random people were asked, but was one the baker?

I'm sorry OP. Maybe there was almond extract in it and they didn't realize that meant nuts.

Coming from a fellow nut-allergist, that sucks. Sometimes it's too well hidden to know for yourself, and you have to trust other people. Too bad those people in your case were idiots.

Maybe that's because someone's nuts had only been on the cake and not in it....

Probably had some sort of ingredient made from nuts rather than the nut itself and idiots thought that meant nut-free. Sorry, op, I hope you recover quickly.

That sucks, OP. However, if your allergy is that bad, you might want to avoid eating foods that don't come with a clear and complete ingredient list. I know it must suck to have to miss out on cake, but it does sound better than ending up in hospital. Maybe next time offer to bring a cake?

It is not the nuts we see, but those we do not which shall lead to our eventual downfall. Hope you are recovering well.

There may not have been nuts in it. A lot of the food processing plants don't separate their equipment well enough, and residue from one operation can wind up in another. It's possible, through no fault of the baker, the cake mix had enough peanut residue in it to cause your reaction. I'm surprised your doctor hasn't been through all this with you. If you have a severe allergy, you really can't eat food prepared by other people.

Actually they can people have to state that the cake was prepared in a plant that also uses nuts

If it was the host of the party or a guest that made the cake, I doubt they would know off hand if any of the ingredients may have come in contact with nut residue in the factory. You would have to check all the ingredients and read the warnings on each one. Most people just don't think to do that unless they have an allergy themself or have a family member with allergies. I made a mistake once working at as a cashier at a restaurant. A customer asked for a pasta without the pine nuts on top, so I put the order in with a note saying no nuts, but I forgot that there were pine nuts blended in with the pesto on the pasta as well. They started having a reaction and I felt terrible. Luckily they were not severely allergic and didn't have to go to the hospital. Stuff like that can easily slip your mind, though, if you aren't used to dealing with food allergies.

To be clear, the customer didn't say they had an allergy when they ordered, but I definitely should have realized the pesto had nuts and asked.

In which case that would be stated on the packaging of the ingredients. I've got a friend with a severe nut allergy and it's not too hard to ingredients so we can make food that won't kill her.

Why is it that the other people at the party are the ones at fault here? For one, I'd your allergies are that extreme that one bite will rush you to the hospital, then how do you not know what you should and shouldn't eat. If you're an adult then you're an ass, if you're a minor then your parents or the other kids parents are to blame. It's a party with people who are probably either drunk or high, what the hell are you doing putting your life in them answering a question for you. Stop putting the blame on other people and smarten up.

It's food at a party probably out of the packaging (which is probably in the bin) what's the OP supposed to do not eat anything on the chance it has nuts? Or what do you want people with allergies to do carry their own food everywhere they go? Or just not leave the house?

Why would you assume that just because it's a party everyone is drunk/high out of their minds? Not everyone does that and if there was cake it sounds like it was probably a birthday party. Who decides to get so incapacitated at a birthday party like that? And when you have allergies, sometimes you have to trust other people about the food. Should they not go to restaurants either? How about prepackaged food?