By Sardine - 18/12/2009 22:14 - United States

Today, I went to a park and sat down next to this older lady. These kids started to fight and scream at each other. I leaned next to her and said, "Man am I glad those aren't MY kids." She turned to me and said, "Yeah, they're mine." FML
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don't comment on kids to someone you don't know it, if there's one thing you learn from this website its you don't do that!

Your next line should have been: Then please don't have any more. And walk away.


don't comment on kids to someone you don't know it, if there's one thing you learn from this website its you don't do that!

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#47 stfu nobody cares that's a horrible thing to say

I agree. maybe the woman will realise her kids are little rats and do something about it...

I agree as well. She would've got more angry if she wasn't thinking "Man, do i wish those weren't MY kids." Most mothers I know learn to have a good sense of humor.

ydi for being judgmental.

It's fine to be judgmental about infuriating little monsters. Sometimes, that's the turning point after which parents finally start trying to be parents instead of letting their brats do whatever on their own. I know people to whose families that was greatly beneficial. (They had a little monster, and she's now polite and well-behaved, only because people complained until the parents got ashamed enough that they started pulling away her game consoles etc. when she misbehaved, and 'magically' the kid decided she'd better stop misbehaving.)

YDI for not thinking about the possibility (sp?) that those were her children.

That possibility is PRECISELY why OP should make that comment. There's no point in complaining to a fellow suffering stranger, but if you complain to the person actually at fault for the problem, it's more effective. In this case, effective might not be the proper word since it's likely the woman did nothing, but OP should have felt better after reminding the idiot parent that she should actually _parent_ her little brats.

Thoughts like these should be kept to yourself. Why? You never know what might happen in the future to your own kids!

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YDI for being a moron and even vocalizing that thought. Next time you'll think twice.

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YDI bitch. Fuck you for judging other people's kids that you don't even know.

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How can you not judge other peoples kids when they r screaming and beating each other? What a D.A you r

well, that's an "oh shit" if I ever heard one.

imho the way you phrased what you said was stupid. all of you who says she deserves it are not that smart either. parents are supposed to be responsible for their kids not spoil them or let the kids run them. if not how would we differ from mud-flinging caves dwellers?

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screaming and arguing is what ye do, being a kid.

Did you assume she was the grandma?