By bastard - 22/12/2013 21:28 - United States

Today, I went to a nativity play. My husband showed up late and drunk, and I had to explain to him why booming "Yeah! Time to get baby Jesus up in this shit!" when our son was about to go on stage got us kicked out. FML
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AbstraktThoughts 13

Father of the year award goes to...

I guess his part was the donkey.


AbstraktThoughts 13

Father of the year award goes to...

jaycee1209 5

Not him, obviously.

To much Communion Wine I guess, lol.

Am I the only one who wonders how the father shows up?? After dealing with my frat, it's not often that a drunk guy actually calls a cab...

Drinking in the parking lot. Also school may have been close enough to walk (my elementary school was two minutes from my house).

also, he probably drove, not everyone calls a cab or walks

drink drive, you're a bloody idiot.

what an amazing father!

JMichael 25

My father. He's smart enough not to pull a dick move like this.

I couldn't not favorite this FML.

incoherentrmblr 21

...and Christ was born...

1-A guy with no kids. (The judges were going for the irony.)

That sound humiliating for you and you son.

humiliating sounds a bit like an understatement

JMichael 25

Ok, downright an embarrassment

jaycee1209 5

That's just plain rude, he should make it up to your son.

Yea seeing how OP felt how do you think the son would feel not seeing his parents at his proformance that he worked hard on.

I guess his part was the donkey.

olpally 32

What a douche. Take away his alcohol. This isn't family guy. Asshole.

Is it American Dad?

olpally 32

Both of you need to learn this is a serious comment and not sarcasm. Fucking hell.

You need to learn to take a joke.

olpally 32

They weren't good^

Well humor is subjective. Whether you found them funny or not doesn't invalidate their status as jokes

It could be Archer.

This would be how Sterling Archer would be as a father.

Loosen up, olpally. This is FML

Married with children perhaps?

I'm with these guys. I thought it was Real Life, but that show sucks. After the 18th season it went downhill.

Wow. He needs help.

At least it was more entertaining than it probably would have been if nothing exciting happened

He was clearly very enthusiastic and eager to see baby Jesus. He should be commended for it.

Drunk words are sober thoughts. That was just a look into your husband's head, OP.

Most untrue saying ever.

#56 - similar to your grammar.

I feel terrible for laughing. I'm sure your son will laugh about it later on, haha.

KB616 11

I laughed too

With the thumbs down I had, I guess we're the only ones then :)