By helluvasinger - South Africa
Today, I went to a karaoke bar that my girlfriend works at. I'm a halfway decent singer, so I picked out a song we both liked and decided to give it a go. Halfway through the song I sneezed, tripped, fell off the stage and knocked myself out in front of my girlfriend and fifty bar patrons. FML
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  Starfire22  |  5

Hmmm.. I was taking the "knocking myself out" as a more figrative speech type saying them literal but I guess your right he could have literally knocked himself out.


Ooooh oooh!
Ring around the rosie, pocket full of posies. Ashes, ashes, we all fall down!

Maybe OP was allergic to posies and that's what made him sneeze?

......Epic fail. Story of my life. Why did I put a children's song on FML?