By helluvasinger - 12/11/2009 11:00 - South Africa

Today, I went to a karaoke bar that my girlfriend works at. I'm a halfway decent singer, so I picked out a song we both liked and decided to give it a go. Halfway through the song I sneezed, tripped, fell off the stage and knocked myself out in front of my girlfriend and fifty bar patrons. FML
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Was your song "I believe I can Fly"?

Was it a Kenny G instrumental number and you were waiting and waiting for the words to start?


And??? Not FML, not funny. Kinda lame just like you.

did you just brush it off and keep going? that sucks but not too bad

He knocked himself out. Not sure he could just brush it off.

Hmmm.. I was taking the "knocking myself out" as a more figrative speech type saying them literal but I guess your right he could have literally knocked himself out.

25 that song was base on the black death( bubonic plague) ring around the rosies= rings on body parts

man that was funny, couldnt you just hold the sneeze in, and just pretend like you coughed?

Was your song "I believe I can Fly"?

No, "I get knocked down, but I get up again!" I could go on thinking of songs to fit the situation for days.

How about "Fly like an eagle, to the sea" Alright, yours is better Toxi, you win.

LOL :D Good ones!! (applause) :D

I read that three times, confused, before realizing it did not actually say "applesauce". xD

Ooooh oooh! Ring around the rosie, pocket full of posies. Ashes, ashes, we all fall down! Maybe OP was allergic to posies and that's what made him sneeze? ......Epic fail. Story of my life. Why did I put a children's song on FML?

for #24 :D Maybe you're hungry. LOL

24- I read it that way too xD

They asked for an encore, right?

Sir, have you been drinking this evening?

hahaha hella funny! something you can laugh about with her!

Was it a Kenny G instrumental number and you were waiting and waiting for the words to start?

Well it safe to say you deffinately put on a good show atleast, maybe you'll become a local celebrity now? You could deffinately tour with that act.

nothing screams american idol like knocking your self out